Friday, December 12, 2014

Why we moved our family to France

We made this 5-minute video about our family's decision to relocate to Nice--who we are, why France and why Nice specifically, some of the risks and challenges of leaving our life back home, what we were looking for versus what we ended up with in an apartment, and our life now in Nice.


Why we moved our family to France from Rixa Freeze on Vimeo.


  1. I loved, loved seeing this! We are moving on the 31st from Arizona to Spain, where my husband will be teaching in Alicante. We only get 7 months though - it already seems too short. I laughed because we are hoping to find an apartment with character on a pedestrian street in the old part of town, and my husband only wears guayaberas, which I think your husband may have been wearing. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Pamela,
      I hope you are able to find something that fits you in Alicante! Are there any major airports nearby? I know you'd mentioned doing an apartment swap at some point and I've never visited Spain...Something fun to think about :)

  2. Rixa, Eric and family, thank you so much for sharing this video and your reasons for moving across the Atlantic. Your apartment is wonderfully bright and airy with all the charms of olden day Europe (from an american who hadn't been but watches a LOT of travel docos). You all look happy, content, pleased with your life now as different as it may be from the big place back home. So glad you decided to go; then to bring us with you is so special.

  3. hi Rixa- so great to see you guys share all of this.
    we made the move in the other direction and it was interesting hearing your experience.
    i left France so long's the parenting, birthing, schooling culture in France these days? if you have a minute i'd love to hear more;)
    cheers from New England!

  4. You guys!!!! It is so fun to see this movie and hear your voices and see your house! I'm delighted that you're enjoying your French life.

  5. I'm so happy you made this video! It looks wonderful there and you all look so happy! Hugs from North Carolina!

  6. I loved hearing your voice, Rixa! It's been to long since I've seen you. Your family is delightful, and I love hearing about your adventure. Way to live an interesting life.

  7. Wow! I love seeing this, and what an amazing thing for your family. This just makes me so happy (and a little envious!)! :)


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