Saturday, July 04, 2020

French déconfinement day 55

11,744 steps

Hot and sunny today! Ivy and I walked to a fabric store to buy a replacement zipper for one of her dresses. But this store only sold fabric. I felt wiped out walking in the intense sun.

We had an afternoon swim at the beach. Inga and I swam out to one of the large buoys. She is so lean and muscly that her head sits lower in the water than mine. I have a bit more padding to help me float!

I baked 3 loaves of sourdough that had a 48-hour proof in the fridge. I have yet to taste them since they finished baking after I closed my eating window. (I do intermittent fasting, usually 20 hours of fasting followed by a 4-hour eating window.) I try to be done with dinner by 6 pm. If dinner ends much later than that, I have a really hard time the next day going all 20 hours.

I also made spicy crab and prepped sushi rice. Eric made the rest of the sushi fillings (eggs, carrots, cucumbers, and raw rouget fillets from yesterday's spearfishing catch). Alas, I didn't get to eat the sushi, either! It will have to wait until tomorrow after 2 pm :)

Dio was very concerned about eating raw fish, even though he eats it with no hesitation when we buy sushi. He said, "this is only something professionals should do!" This was fresh fish, just caught yesterday by can't get much better than that!


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