Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crazy with signs!

About two weeks ago I checked out a sign language video from the library (My First Signs from Signing Time). We watch it together in the mornings while we eat breakfast and I check my email. Last night I brought Zari up to bed, and we played with my birth ball for a few minutes. I did the sign for ball and she did it back, over and over. She was so obsessed with signing "ball" that she'd repeatedly pop off while nursing and sign it.

And today she's done several signs back at me: water, dog, eat/food...where did this come from? It's hilarious!


  1. We LOVE Signing Time. LOOOOVE.

  2., 7:42 PM

    Signing Time is the series we used with the girls! We also LOOOOOOVE it :)

  3. That's so cute, popping off to sign 'ball'! :)
    Thanks for the tip for the video!! I guess it's not too early for us to look into signing per se, although M is probably not quite ready to watch videos... she prefers to stand up >>this<< close to the TV and pat or lick it... Jen, do you use signs with L yet? Does he seem to be getting them?

  4. We love signing time. My three all sign still! It's so nice for the tantrums/or lack there of. So cute that Zari loves it.

  5. We taught all the babies the sign for "More". It seemed like a huge majority of their fussing before they could talk was for "more" something! It was a pleasant surprise to see their little hands delicately tapping together over and over rather than screeching in the highchair!

  6. I've been thinking about getting some of the discs in this series. Its sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for the recomendation!


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