Monday, December 29, 2008

Belly shots: 21 & 22 weeks

I realized I had miscalculated how far along I was; when I made my spreadsheets for keeping track of everything, I must have skipped ahead a week somewhere. So here are belly shots at 21.2 and 22.2 weeks from LMP. (And I'm not entirely sure about my LMP, since I have luteal phase bleeding/spotting that confuses everything...but I'll just stick with that for ease of calculation. Who's counting anyway, right?) I went back and corrected the dates on the older pictures.

21.2 weeks

22.2 weeks


  1. But still. You must be hiding that baby really deep inside a roomy pelvis

  2. Man, I hate it when that happens. I've miscalculated dates before, and even how old my babies are. :) Even so, you look really tiny for 20+ weeks.

  3. You are beautiful...and girl, you hide those babies when they're growing! LOL :)


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