Sunday, August 16, 2009

16 weeks old

I had to double-check the number of weeks old Dio is...I'm starting to count in months now. So what's new? He's discovered his hands and is always chomping on his fingers or thumb. And when he's not slobbering over his fingers or twisting his hands together, he's (trying to) play with toys. He can roll over now, too.

He's been sleeping more fitfully at night again. I get a 3-4 hour stretch when I first put him down, then it's every 1 1/2 to 2 hours the rest of the night. It's been too hot to swaddle him well, and I don't know if that's one of the reasons. Dio is so sensitive to sounds and movement. I should try putting him back in his crib (which is right next to our bed) at night but I'm too tired to do anything but nurse him and go back to sleep.

Zari is having lots of fun with him, but Dio isn't so sure about her at times. She sometimes likes to play a bit rough. As in deliberately kicking and hitting him to see what I'll do. But she can also get him to laugh and smile. I figure soon enough he'll be able to dish it back to her.


  1. What a cute little chunk he's become!
    I had my son about a month after you, and we've had the same problem with it being too hot to swaddle. Sometimes it's better with these light, muslin aden + anais swaddling blankets -
    (although in the middle of the night my swaddling technique is seriously lacking...)

  2. I always love to see the photos of your kids! Gorgeous! Dio is growing fast :)

  3. I have an old sheet that I cut into a swaddling blanket, but it's been too hot even for that on some nights. But last night was better sleep-wise. 3 hour intervals instead of 2.

  4. weird, I thought Ven was 16 weeks. guess he's 15? they are exactly a week apart...

    V is sleeping a 3-4 hrs stretch somewhere in there with waking every 1-2.5 hrs after that. I am SO tired. I finally asked Sean if we can just keep him in bed with us after the first stretch b/c I don't have the energy to get up, swaddle him. rock him back to sleep and get him in the cradle with out waking him up. to be honest I'm not a huge fan of co-sleeping. I always feel like I don't get any rest b/c I'm terrified i will roll on him. (I sleep hard when I'm this sleep deprived!) but, such is motherhood to a infant! heh

    it's been to hot to swaddle here too. I have been trying ti use lightweight stretchy cotton, but even that it just so warm.

  5. Ooh that one pic reminds me of Greta at 3 with long long hair and Mickey so fuzzy and plump--precious times, sorry about the lack of sleep, I understand, and its kind of nice to hear about other babies who nurse all night long like that. Mine all did.

    Do any of you have airconditioning? I would literally die without it. DIE.

  6. My oh my, how quickly he's growing. Such a cutie pie! And you're right, pretty soon he'll be dishing it back at big sis. LOL

    Have a great week, Rixa!

  7. My daughter is about a week or so older than Dio. Your description of what's new with him is spot on with what my daughter is doing now. I love the flapping hands, and she's keeping us on our toes with grabbing at everthing.

    She's also been restless after the first stretch of sleep at night. Maybe it's a developmental thing? I wonder if she's gaining so many new skills at once that she is dreaming about doing all these things and that's why she kicks and flails so much.


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