Monday, February 14, 2011

Last midwife's visit?

I had a visit with my midwife today. While I was there, two of her clients went into labor. So she headed out in one direction and her midwife partner in another. We didn't even finish our entire visit. I joked that maybe I'd go into labor tonight and add to the Valentine's Day fun.

I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow. If this baby were Zari, it would have been born almost a week ago. And if it were Dio, it would be born tomorrow. After having two babies come "early," I have a bit more of an expectation that this baby will also be born shy of 40 weeks. And so does almost everyone who knows me. I am getting really tired of people asking me, "So how are you feeling?" Umm, tired but otherwise just the same as last time you asked!

My next midwife's visit is scheduled for Wednesday of next week (40.1 weeks). Will I go that long? Who knows...


  1. FWIW, My two oldest were both born at 39 weeks two days. My third waited until 40 weeks 6 days! I thought I was going to lose my mind! She came on her own schedule, though, and that's always a blessing. Hugs and love!

  2. Just embrace the belly! I just keep assuming I will go late, so there isn't much disappointment when friends run into me and see that I am still pregnant.

    Today I went on a long walk along the Charles with a friend and then scrubbed the floors in my apartment, hoping to induce labor. No dice.

  3. the trend in our family is that each baby is born later than the last - it's not a bad thing, just not what everyone expects. Here's to the rest of your pregnancy!

  4. Wow... I am way behind... I didn't even know you were expecting!!!

    btw... if you were me you would still have 3 weeks to go :)

  5. Refer your friends and family to this site..

  6. #1 - 39+4
    #2 - 40
    #3 - 41
    #4 - 38+3

    I say you should hold out for the 20th...I don't have any birthday buddy babies yet!!

  7. All three of my boys were born one day shy of 39 weeks. When that date came and went with my daughter, I was admittedly a bit put out. She waited several more days, but still came before 40 weeks. Hopefully we'll be hearing baby news very soon from you! :)

  8. !@@#$%^^Y^#@!!

    How's that for how I am feeling?

    Just kidding, I feel pretty much the same as always.

  9. Great to hear everyone's experiences with timing. Here's mine:

    #1 - c/s for failed induction at 38 weeks
    #2 - HBAC 38.6 weeks
    #3 - HBAC 39.1 weeks
    #4 - ???? (due June 21) I've never still be pregnant on my actual due date...

  10. I just like to thing that my baby is picking it's special birthday and let um ride, well Lizzie was sorta evicted with her 7 min delivery! LOL

    #1- 38 wks normal natural delivery
    #2- 40 wks 3 days, C/s due to breech, but waited till I labored 10 hrs.
    #3- 39 wks 3 days, 2 hr labor, 7 min delivery.

    Ya just never know! But I wish you all the luck in the world and I can't wait to see pics ASAP!

  11. That is sooo funny!!! Normally it's the opposite, going over due date with the first and then a bit shorter bake time each time. Let's see, I am guessing you will go into labor in 5 days on the 19th.

  12. Hold out and join the 43 weeker club! It's a party, I'll tell you. :)

  13. My first two were on the early side... my last one was 42.5 weeks - and that only happened b/c I choose to break my own waters! (I was desperate b/c the contractions wouldn't move past immensely painful for weeks!)

  14. Almost there! I'm so excited for you guys.

  15. Whenever the baby comes, it will be perfect! I'm so excited for you and can't wait for your announcement and birth story!

  16. The questions get more tiresome the longer the baby decides to take... My #1 was 11 days "overdue," #2 = 14 days, and #3 = 17 days. I'm trying to prepare myself to be calm and kind if this one follows his/her sibling's patter of enjoying the womb... but, really, it's not easy. I hope you will NOT have to experience that particular kind of fatigue of pregnancy!

  17. P.S.
    Changing the voice mail answer to update callers was REALLY helpful. I just turned the ringer off and let the voice mail tell the news for me... until just after baby #3 was born. SUCH a relief, I tell you! ^_^ AND my callers were so thankful for the news without bothering me! ^_^

  18. Just to add my mom's experience:
    #1 38w
    #2 39w
    #3 40w
    #4 41w
    #5 42w
    #6 36w
    #7 40.5w
    Hope your pattern isn't too close to my mom's first 3 :)

  19. Sending birth-y thoughts that you don't join the post-dates club. "How are you feeling?" gets real old. "Have you tried (fill in the blank inevitably ridiculous suggestion)? gets even older. Oh, and "When are they going to induce you?" Aargh!

  20. When I was close to my due date with both my kids people at work and church kept asking, "You're STILL pregnant??" I wanted to say, "No, the real me had the baby. What you're seeing is just a hologram!" Can't wait to hear your birth story & see photos of your new little one!

  21. I don't mind the how are you doing comments-I figure people geniunely want to know for the most part. What drives me up the wall is people telling me I look 'great' pregnant-how on earth is that possible? I'm tired so I hardly ever take the time to do my unruly curly hair, and I have exactly one pregnancy dress so I've worn the same outfit to church for about 14 weeks in a row. I guess it just feels superficial to me.

    I so hope I have this baby around 38 weeks-I'm stuck with a doctor at the hospital so avoiding induction could become a challenge if the pregnancy goes on and on. The earlier she gets here the better (within reason of course).


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