Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pregnancy update: 37 weeks

The baby is having a kick fest right now. Actually more of a wiggle/stretch/punch fest. My practice contractions are getting stronger and often triggered by physical activity. This makes everyday tasks take a bit longer. I'm in cleanup/organize mode this week. Today I swept and mopped floors, moved Zari's clothes upstairs into her room, put the baby's clothes & diapers in the downstairs bedroom, and got all of my birth supplies organized. Folding all of the tiny shirts and nightgowns and socks made the baby seem more real. It also brought back memories of Zari and Dio when they were newborns wearing the same clothes. Were they really that little?

We haven't done much at all on the bathroom since last week except get the electricity hooked up. Everything is mostly functional, but there's lots of smaller things left to finish (putting up trim/baseboards, refinishing & installing the vanity, tiling the little wall under the tub). And it's mostly stuff I can't do on my own or with kids around. I have resigned myself to having a partially unfinished bathroom...if it gets done, great, but I'm not holding my breath. I've really been enjoying the jacuzzi tub, though!

My belly seems to be widening, rather than sticking out farther. I don't feel hugely pregnant, but sometimes I catch myself waddling a bit (usually during a practice contraction or when I get up after sitting too long). I haven't had any swollen ankles my last two pregnancies, thanks to wearing compression hose religiously. I remember how uncomfortable my ankles were when I was pregnant with Zari!

I'm really looking forward to my Blessingway this Saturday. Part of it is a quilting bee to finish this baby's birth quilt (which is gorgeous--thanks to everyone who made the squares). We'll also be putting together Dio's memory book. If you can't be there in person, don't forget my virtual blessingway this Sunday!

37 weeks with baby #3
37 weeks with Dio

37 weeks with Zari (taken a few days before she was born at 38 weeks)


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