Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ivy is 4 months old!

Slow down. Just please slow down a bit, little Ivy. You're changing too fast!

New tricks this month:
  • laughing (for real)
  • grabbing onto things, holding them, and putting them in her mouth
  • rolling over
  • *not* nursing when she's nursing--this girl is super distracted by anything
  • I think she's beginning to recognize the word "nurse"
  • pottying really well--almost every time I bring her to the potty, she will go
  • wiggling and squirming and scooting herself around. No more leaving her unattended on the bed!

Ivy loves to stand up and watch what's going on. She will also jump up and down (okay, more like standing up and then sitting down) which sends Zari into paroxysms of laughter. She loves playing with her siblings as long as they are not squishing her. Which happens a lot, unfortunately.

Ivy helps put Inga to bed almost every time now. This is our routine:

Don't you love Inga's little singing voice? She requested an "I love you" song a few weeks ago, so I made something up on the spot. It's become a tradition now. I have to sing it twice. Once will not do.

And here's Ivy wiggling and talking:

Ivy is big enough for a back carry now. She's gone on some walks in the Ergo. I've also put her in the stroller a few times.

Ivy loves any form of water: shower, baths, swimming pools, sprinklers. We've taken her swimming a lot this last month. Never a single squawk, no matter the water temperature.

A sneak peek from a mini session I did last weekend with m.e.g. photography. She is AMAZING.

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  1. Love the posts. I have a 7 month old and they DO grow too fast. You EC?! I've read a lot about that, but I've never seen it in action. Did you start with Ivy from birth? Sorry if you've already posted about this. I love this blog but my time is time of sporadic. (I'm sure you know how that is.) You have a lovely family. Enjoy!


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