Monday, August 17, 2015

See us on House Hunters International!

So remember last winter I made some cryptic comments about a TV show that we were going to be on? It's finally announced:

We're going to be on House Hunters International!

It airs Thursday, August 20th at 10:30 pm EST, and again at 1:30 am on the 21st. Our episode is called "Nice To See You Again."

It was really fun to tape the episode. I have no idea what our story will be on the show :) Take 5 days of taping and edit it down to 25 minutes...anything could happen!

Keep in mind that you'll see our apartment about halfway through our renovations. I haven't yet shared our final renovation pictures, especially in the attic and back bedroom. Hope to get those up soon!


  1. Looking forward to watching! :)

  2. I was watching the show before, randomly, because my wife loves hgtv and made me come watch the lesbian couple looking for off-grid in Belize. Haha. Anyway I went to turn the tv off to go to bed when I heard the name "Rixa" and had to stop! "I know them!" Lol well sorta. Super cool! Loved the show. My wife's mad now though because I made her stay up until 11pm :D

  3. Aaaah Rixa! I had no idea those shows weren't real!! I always thought I was watching people REALLY choose their next place! I hope the compensation was very good -- making it worth removing all evidence of your family living in your own home, and then moving everything back in again! Y'all are great actors!

  4. I always tell people, "it's virtual reality TV, not reality TV!"

    I still haven't seen the episode, since I don't have HGTV. I'm watching it tonight at friend's house; she recorded it for us.

  5. How cool! I need to figure out how to watch it without cable. I've heard before that the show isn't exactly real. I'm terribly curious about all dirty details!

  6. I just had a chance to watch it on TiVo. It was the first TV show I've watched in months! I thought it was great. You and Eric are so sweet together. What did you think of it? So wait, it was filmed after you'd already been living in your apartment? Also curious - what did you do with the kids while filming? And why were some of the pictures/paintings blurred out?

    1. 1. Yes, filming was in February, and we had moved in the previous August. That's generally how it works on HHI.
      2. We had babysitters for the kids during the filming. They were in school several of the days anyway, so it worked out .
      3. Unless they have permission from the artist, they have to blur out artwork.

    2. Weird! I'll never look at those those the same way ;-) That is if I ever get around to watching another one... Doesn't change the fact that your family is adorable, though, fake or not!

  7. Congratulations on this! I can just imagine what it's going to be like! The anticipation must be totally killing your guys right now! Have fun packing and can't wait for the big reveal!


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