Saturday, August 01, 2015

Things I'm loving right now

Only four days left  until we fly across the Atlantic! In between last-minute repairs and deep cleaning, I wanted to share some favorite things I bookmarked this past month:

Homebirths in Spain
Read about the struggle to access home births in Spain, including hurdles mothers have faced birthing outside the Spanish medical system.

Effect of skin to skin and breastfeeding on primary postpartum hemorrhage
This recent research investigates the effect of S2S and BF right after birth on reducing primary PPH rates and found a strong positive correlation. The paper is titled Does skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding at birth affect the rate of primary postpartum haemorrhage: Results of a cohort study.

Upright birth support
A Scottish midwife designed an inflatable birth support called Comfortable Upright Birth that's being used around the world. Read about it here:

If you buy a CUB, the company donates a clean birth kit to mothers in developing countries. With every 5 birth kits, they include a CUB as well! So consider buying one for yourself if you are expecting or for your practice if you are a birth attendant.


Home Birth


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