Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Four good things

Four good things happened today.
 #1: Guess?

We bought another house! It's a 1900 Victorian that has been converted into a triplex. There's a large 3-bedroom, 1500 sf apartment on the second floor with all of the original woodwork. Downstairs there's a large 1-bedroom 1000 sf apartment and a 500 sf studio apartment. The property is in great shape; it was renovated by a very good contractor in 2004, so all of the plumbing/electrical/cabinetry/bathroom fixtures are new. We've been looking for a rental property for a very long time now. Every other place we've lived, we've always had some sort of rental property along with our own house. We were extremely depressed at how awful rentals are in this town. I have never seen such trashy, dilapidated places ever in my entire life. No exaggeration. Until we found this one. It sold in 2004 for $140,000. We bought it on foreclosure for $52,000!

The apartments are in move-in condition (except for some normal cleaning) but we want to make them even nicer. We're going to replace all of the carpets, which are in okay shape for being 5 years old, but they are ugly brownish-gray berber that just screams "rental!" We thought of refinishing the hardwood floors underneath, but at some point they were painted. And paint gums up the refinishing equipment. So I think we'll just stick with carpet. We bought all new appliances for the apartments, since there were none provided. The upstairs has stainless steel. I'd like to repaint all of the apartments in rich, warm colors. The walls are fine, but they're boring rental white. I hate white walls.

The wine bottle from our realtor made me laugh, because we don't drink alcohol. But I cook with it, so it will be put to good use. Perhaps coq au vin...? 

#2: We went to the children's museum today and the kids had a blast.

#3. My brother-in-law, who has been unemployed for about a year and a half, just got a job offer today! We are so happy for him--he has five children and has been very stressed trying to make ends meet and make their mortgage payment, etc. I am sure too many people in this economy know exactly what he's been going through.

#4: Another brother-in-law and his wife just had a baby boy this evening! She had a very long labor and I don't know many more details at the moment, but we are so thrilled to hear he has arrived.

So today is a day for lots of smiles. Zari and Dio agree. 


  1. Wow, what a great deal on a house! Even foreclosures around here run in the ridiculously overpriced range. I'm really happy to hear about your BIL's job as well--there are so many people in the unemployment boat right now.

  2. Woohoo on the house, babies, and your kids' cheer-inducing smiles! A smiling baby photo is always welcome. :)

  3. Congratulations on the house! I hope it works well and that your future renters will love and cherish it as a home!

  4. Rixa, In a country that doesn't often celebrate it's good news (at least not on TV nightly news), it is so great to read your blog!!!
    Today's is beyond L.O.V.E.L.Y.!!!

    Congrats to you, and your extended family - a house, a job, a new baby and two healthy giggly kiddos to boot! God is good!

    send me the wine!

  5. Congrats on the house! Your kiddos are beautiful:)


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