Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Zari, Dio, and I are all sick (deep, racking cough and fever). So all I've been doing for the past few days is hold sick kids in my lap, read them stories, and nurse. Dio has been exceptionally snuggly and doesn't want to be put down. Just hoping we all feel better soon...it's no fun not being able to fall asleep till 2 am because you're coughing so much.

A few things that caught my attention:

Speak up at the NIH Consensus Conference on VBAC this March. Amy Romano at Science & Sensibility discusses some of the issues that will be on the table.

It's Turkey Time--aka time for the Second Annual Turkey Award from the Well-Rounded Mama. This year's award goes to Abe Sauer's article "Fat, Fetuses, and Felonies." You'll be astounded at the outrageous statements Sauer makes about overweight pregnant women.

A lovely unplanned home birth on Christmas Eve. Her father, a family practice doc who does OB, was there to catch the baby. My little sister knows this woman (or of her, at least; they went to the same congregation in Cambridge before she moved).

Sheila Kitzinger discusses the problem with "fairytale expectations" of birth.


  1. That bit on obese pregnant women is just vile. I couldn't even finish it. So much hate on so many levels. URGH.

  2. What an awesome home birth story!

    As for "Fat, Fetuses and Felonies", I can't bring myself to read the whole thing. What I really want to do is get my fat ass onto Oprah, bring a bunch of fat mamas with me, and tell all the jerks like Saur that not all obese women have complications with pregnancy. Just as not all "normal" weight women have no complications.

    As an aside, I really do not get why the existence of fat people so seriously offends so many skinny people.

  3. Rixa ---

    I got an invite to NIH conference in the mail. It's over my spring break vacation so I'm not certain if I'll go with some of my fellow midwifery students.

    You think it would be interesting?



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