Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Breastfeeding logo contest

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The Breastfeeding Coalition of Boone, Clinton and Montgomery County is sponsoring a contest for a new logo for their organization. 

Contest rules:
Entry should include two high-resolution versions of the logo: one with graphics only and one with text and graphics. Text should read "Breastfeeding Coalition of Boone, Clinton, and Montgomery County" with an emphasis on the first two words.

The winning entry will receive Earth Mama Angel Baby's Boobie Tubes ($19.95 value) and a wooden ring nursing necklace with a leather cord ($15.95 value). Prizes are donated by Believe Midwifery Services.

Entries are due by March 15, 2010. Submit entries to

More about the prizes:
Booby Tubes are all-natural hot/cold packs for engorgement, swelling, and pain relief due to weaning, mastitis, or plugged ducts. They are made of 100% organic cotton and filled with flax seed.
The wooden nursing necklace is perfect for giving your child's busy hands something to do while she nurses. The leather cord has special knots that slide and enlarge the opening, allowing you to easily slip the necklace over your head. The wooden ring is silky smooth untreated wood.

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