Thursday, February 04, 2010

Crawling, finally

Dio figured out how to crawl on Monday! Each day he becomes more intrepid. I love watching him move his arms and his legs, gingerly at first, and then more confidently, almost as if he can't believe this crawling thing actually works. He's been making these funny happy noises all week, too: kind of a squawk/laugh/cough all rolled into one. I'd say he's crowing with pride in babytalk. He's also started pursing his lips all the time, which makes me laugh. Zari has started to imitate him. I'll see if I can catch that expression on film.

Zari never did much in terms of signaling potty when she was Dio's age, but I swear Dio signs "potty" almost every time I bring him to go. And he makes very distinct fake grunting noises when he's pooping--mimicking what I'm doing. Zari, on the other hand, did EC strictly by timing and me cueing her. She never really signaled to me when she had to pee. She was also dry at night much of the time starting around 7 months old. I'd potty her once around 1 am, and she'd be dry the whole night and have a huge pee when she woke up. She would never really wake up during our nighttime trips to the potty. Dio is the total opposite: the littlest thing at night wakes him up, and then he's ready to party! Forget trying to potty him at night. He either gets REALLY MAD or acts like it's morning and starts wiggling around in bed and making lots of noise and trying to wake us up. So for now I put on a double-stuffed Fuzzibunz and change him once in the middle of the night. We'll work on nighttime EC at a later date...


  1. Rixa, what book(s) do you recommend for EC and signing (is the signing part of the EC or something else you do too?) I have a friend who is interested but I know nothing about either baby signing or EC. Thanks!

  2. There are 2 books on EC that I know of:
    1) Infant Potty Training by Laurie Boucke
    2) Diaper Free by Ingrid Bauer

    I'd suggest the first one--it has more practical advice and doesn't get into other parenting issues as Bauer's does.

    I checked out the "Signing Time" series from the library (DVDs) when Zari was little. I have a few of them at home now, although Dio hasn't watched any of them yet. I do two signs with Dio (potty and nurse) and could probably add more soon. If you have internet access, you can look up visual (video) ASL dictionaries and learn how to do just about any sign.

  3. So cute! There is nothing like watching a little EC baby grunt. My niece does that as well when she is being cued to poop, whether or not she needs too. It's so funny; it's as though just by grunting alone, she thinks she'll actually produce a pooh. And it's so amazing how smart infants are. I mean... SIGN LANGUAGE? They're so much smarter than we give them credit for.

  4. My DS (4.5months) doesn't cue. I also can't really EC him at night because he'll want to wake up or get really mad too....maybe it's a male thing LOL!

    Actually, he doesn't really seem to care if he is ECed or not. Does this mean I'm not doing the "C" part of it? People say it's supposed to be a great bonding thing, but for us it just seems to be all about the "E." Not that I don't talk to him about what's going on...I do. He just seems okay with either the diaper or the potty. Maybe it's because I didn't start him til he was 12 weeks?

    Either way, I'm going to stick with it unless I get some very clear signals either way. It's just not as "emotionally bonding" as I've read/expected.


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