Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First word and sign

Two days ago Eric taught Dio his first word:

"Uh oh."

Now whenever he throws or drops something, he says a soft little "oh oh." He says it all day long: dropping his food off his high chair at mealtime, throwing a ball into the water during mother-baby swimming lessons, holding onto our bedframe at night.
Then today, I was getting ready to nurse him for his afternoon nap. He was wrapped up in his blanket, and I unhooked my nursing bra. I said, "Dio, are you ready to nurse?" He laughed and started patting his face so enthusiastically that he was practically hitting himself. (I made up my own sign for "nurse": patting my lips. I don't like the ASL sign, which looks like you're milking a cow. Thanks but no. I am not a cow.)

I wondered if this was a fluke, so I tried it again at bedtime. I asked & signed if he wanted to nurse. He started laughing and hitting his face again. Definitely on purpose.


  1. So cute! I made up my own sign too, but it was just completely random based one what I thought she'd be able to do with her pudgy little fingers.

  2. We use the ASL for "breast." Well, and we use the English spoken word for breast also. :) Margaret asks for breast and sometimes will say "nurse." When I offer to her, I ask, "Do you want breast?"

    I know some people think that's a little too out there- but I'd rather her say "breast" than "boobie!"

  3. I love the non-cow sign idea...and hope you can capture Master Dio on film for our viewing pleasure :)

    Missing you all, and hope to meet Dio soon...

  4. congrats dio! i agree, i don't want to be the sign for milk. interesting tid bit - there is no sign in asl for nursing or breastfeeding. this is the best i have found thus far.!!_107_cat.html

    a great book for everyday items and food is The Signed English Starter by Harry Bornstein

  5. This has nothing to do with your post, but I thought you might like to read this article.

  6. So cool. May I borrow your sign for nursing? I want to distingish between nursing and drinking cow's milk.

  7. Most definitely! It's not "my" sign, anyway. I like this sign because 1) it's easy for babies to do and 2) it makes sense, because they're patting their mouths and 3) it's similar to the sign for "food"

  8. That's awesome! I'm very much looknig forward to teaching this baby some signs when she arrives, and I am definitely not wanting to compare myself to a cow (heaven knows the weight gain already has me making that comparison more than I'd like to admit).

  9. In one of the baby sign language books I read. The sign for milk was the milking of a cow. But the sign for nurse was taking your hand down the top of your breast. Kind of like wiping something off your shirt... So when I would ask my daughter if she wanted to nurse, I would take my hand down the from collar bone to breast and she would nod. Now she is on cow milk so we do the cow sign.


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