Saturday, March 06, 2010

ICAN VBAC carnival & NIH VBAC Consensus Conference

I haven't had time to write up an original post for the ICAN VBAC Blog Carnival, but if you search for "VBAC" or click on VBAC or cesarean-related tags, you'll find lots of related posts here.

If you'd like to join the carnival, you can still add your post tonight! Here are the details:
VBAC as a Viable Option

The ICAN Mission, Vision and Statement of Beliefs demonstrate our ongoing commitment to supporting and promoting VBAC as a viable and overall safe option for women birthing after cesarean:

* Birth is a normal physiological process. Research shows that with emotional support, education, and an honest opportunity, the vast majority of women can have a healthy vaginal birth.
* Research shows that VBAC is reasonable and safe for both mother and baby. A repeat cesarean should never be considered routine– it is major abdominal surgery with many risks.
* It is unethical and unenforceable for hospitals to institute VBAC bans. Women have the right to refuse any procedure, including a cesarean.

We invite you to write a blog post on your blog and submit it for inclusion in the carnival.* We will post the carnival on March 8th as the NIH Meetings begin. Here are the instructions for participation:

Topic: Why is VBAC a vital option?
Submissions are due March 6th, 2010
Email your text and link to:

Jill at The Unnecesarean is collecting your input on VBACs. If you have had one ("failed" or "successful"), or want to have one in the future, or care about VBAC even though you have never had a cesarean section, please speak up. Here's what Jill wants to know:

What would you tell someone who thinks it’s a sensible idea to keep risking women out of vaginal birth after a previous cesarean and doesn’t really care about how it actually affects women and their families? What would you tell someone who wants people to believe that the only reason women wouldn’t want a repeat cesarean is because they’re looking for some kind of metaphysical (yes, I keep hearing that one) vaginal birth experience? What message do you have for the obstetrician who put their personal fear of litigation before your health and gave you misleading information?

The NIH is holding a Consensus Conference on VBAC on March 8-10. I wish I could attend in person! In anticipation of this event, Amy Romano has shared some thoughts on practice guidelines. Henci Goer hopes that this NIH conference won't pave the road to hell with good intentions.

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  1. Do you read Birthing Beautiful Ideas? Kristen's at the conference and blogging about it:


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