Thursday, March 04, 2010

Writing contest sponsor: Monkey Muffin Creations

We have another sponsor for the Writing Contest: Monkey Muffin Creations! Monkey Muffin offers knit soakers, hand-dyed and upcycled yarns, and quilts.
After having a difficult time finding affordable wool soakers, Monkey Muffins Creations decided to create their own. Monkey Muffin soakers are knit with babies—and mama!—in mind. The soakers feature soft yarn, secure waist and legs, and plenty of room for fluffy bottoms. Monkey Muffins has many styles of soakers--shorts, pants, even skirts with built-in legs! Check them out at
Monkey Muffin is honored to offer a soaker of your choice (up to $35 value) to one of the writing contest winners.

If you aren’t entering the contest (or don’t think you’ll win!), don’t despair. Free shipping on any order from Monkey Muffin through May 1st--just mention that you read Stand and Deliver!


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