Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Blog updates

First I want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who commented on my existential blogging crisis. It means so much to me to hear from you, and I wish I had time to respond to everyone individually. And don't worry--I have no plans to stop blogging any time soon. I really love doing this blog and I can't imagine how isolated I would feel without it.

Now for some housekeeping: I finally was able to log onto Facebook and created a fan page. All my blog posts will automatically be updated there, making it easier for you to read & share my posts. I've also linked the page to my Twitter account, so you can receive updates about new posts via Twitter.


  1. Cool, I just 'liked' your blog on FB!

  2. Awesomely said!!!

    I've heard this phrase so much recently by doctors defending their cesarean and intervention rates and it's such a red herring. As if anyone who disputed high intervention rates doesn't care about healthy moms and healthy babies. As if they can do ANYTHING to mother-baby dyads as long as everyone comes out alive in the end.

    Way to deconstruct this so-common and so-annoying argument!

  3. Lisa Jacobsgaard7/8/10, 11:24 PM

    Rixa, my dear friend, I don't always post just because everyone says exactly what I wanted to, but I really LOVE your blog. I think it is well rounded and interesting. I like the variety and you being so far from Ill, I get to see what you are up to. Nice is so beautiful! I can't stand not having options for the birth I would like. The old "Its what is best for you and your baby", or the "it all turned out ok" isn't very reassuring. Especially when I might be facing a repeat C-section. I am 26 weeks and still my baby is breech. Turn little bunny! I really like the research you put into your blog. I have reccomended it to my midwife and she likes it as well! Keep it up! I would be lost without ya. The term So Many Fish In The Sea doesn't apply to birthing options in Illinois. Your friend, Lisa J

  4. p.s. -- you have over 1100 readers through Google Reader, according to their blog "details," so I think you reach a lot of people and make a difference, though they may lurk and never comment.



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