Thursday, July 15, 2010


We're up in northern Wisconsin for our annual family gathering at my parent's cabin on Lac Court d'Oreilles. Somehow I managed not to take any pictures of us actually at the cabin. You can see some from 3 years ago here, when Zari was just 7 months old.

Two days ago, we took a day trip up to Madeline Island on Lake Superior. Lake Superior is usually ice cold, but a brisk wind was blowing the warmer surface water towards the shore, so the water was swimmable. Cool, but not at all cold. I played in the waves for about an hour. Eric snorkeled, but all he saw was sand.

Waiting for the ferry.
On the ferry.
Sand + sun + water = heaven for little kids
At the end of the afternoon, Dio took a nap under a giant pine tree.
Wisconsin is also the land of hokey oversized objects. It stormed all day yesterday, so we finally went to the Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward to give the kids something to do. We have driven by it for 20 years but never went in until this year. It was about as chinzy as I expected.
Giant musky that you can walk inside.
Lots of oversized fish on the grounds.
There was even a little children's play area, all fish-themed: fish swings, fish climbing tunnel, fish teeter-totter.


  1. Wow! I went there with my family every year growing up! Actually seems smaller now. Such a fun memory.

  2. I saw the Muskie and knew where you were before I read it. Hokie? yes!!! Friendly? Also yes! :)

  3. I've been reading your blog for well over a year and love it, but have never commented. When I saw this post I knew I had to comment. This is the town where I live. When you posted earlier that you were vacationing in Wisconsin, I wondered where but I never guessed it would be just down the road from my house :)


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