Saturday, July 17, 2010

Controls needed for HG study

Last year, I participated as a friend control in a study on Hyperemesis Gravidarum. The researchers have recruited close to their goal of 1,000 participants (women who had HG) but need many more friend controls. One of the researchers explains (emphasis mine):
We currently have almost
 1,000 eligible participants for the HG study, but we have less than 500 friend controls. I'm writing to beg you to refer extra CONTROLS to
 participate in the study. A control is someone who has had at least 2
 pregnancies and has not had any weight loss or treatment for nausea in pregnancy. The controls cannot be blood relatives. Please have any willing friend controls email me at and reference your name or ID number.

We are getting there but I need your help!!!

Thank you for helping me find the cause and cure for HG!

Marlena S. Fejzo, PhD

If you participated in the HG study, please help by referring extra controls (ie, women who did NOT have weight loss or treatment for nausea during pregnancy).


  1. Interesting. What is involved in the study? Do you need to be pregnant, or recently pregnant? I had two pregnancies in which I did lose a little weight in the beginning, but was never treated for nausea or weight loss.

  2. Do you have to have a friend in the study to be a control? I would gladly volunteer myself! Although, my second pregnancy isn't quite over yet, I haven't had any weight loss or treatment for nausea in either my current or previous pregnancy. (Unless home remedy treatments for nausea are included. Like papaya mints and ginger tea.)

  3. Thanks for posting this, Rixa! I have shared it on my blog.

  4. Hi,

    I am not sure I understand exactly, but I am on my third baby, and have never lost weight at the beginning of a pregnancy and never taken meds for nausea. I'd volunteer myself if it's feasible.

    You can contact me at kdbuttongirl at gmail dot com.


  5. I wish I could volunteer, but I suffered from HG in both my pregnancies. I can't thank the volunteers enough, because we don't know anything about this disease, what causes it, or how to help prevent it.

  6. I lost a bit of weight in the first half of my second pregnancy. But it was not bc I was throin up so terribly. Nor was it a treatable issue. Can I apply?
    Guess I should email the address and ask, huh? duh.

  7. I am going to show this blog to my wife. She will relate on this topic. For me, your family is the best companion in your entire problem.

  8. From one who has suffered with HG, I am so glad to know work is being done to understand this...
    I love being pregnant and bringing a new baby into the world but severe morning sickness I admit has taken the spunk out of me!

  9. I participated in this study. I had HG with all three pregnancies. It was very easy to do. They have had good turn out for those who have HG.

    They NEED more people who HAVE NOT had hyperemesis to participate so that means that just about any woman can do it. You do not need to be currently pregnant or anything. They just need to know that you have never had severe morning sickness.


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