Saturday, September 11, 2010

Physicians talk about new ACOG guidelines on VBAC

Obstetrician Maria Rodriguez (MD, MPH) recently wrote about the new ACOG guidelines on TOLAC for Medscape Blogs. She summarized the new guidelines, pointed to an evidence-based tool she uses for counseling her patients about VBAC, and then posed these questions:
What role does VBAC play in your practice? Do you think the updated guidelines will impact access on VBAC for women? While I would like to see VBAC be an option for more women, and support the College's updated guidelines, I am skeptical that they will have a large impact on availability for women of a trial of labor following cesarean without a drastic change in our medicolegal environment. What are your thoughts?
If you log into Medscape, you can read the responses to these questions and to a poll she created. Obstetricians, anesthesiologists, nurses, and more have weighed in (and sometimes taken the discussion a bit off topic) on VBAC and liability.

For another great post (& discussion) by Dr. Rodriguez about autonomy, informed decision-making, and patient compliance, visit her guest blog at At Your Cervix.


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