Thursday, September 09, 2010

Worst of YouTube comments

Ahhh, YouTube. Unlike the intelligent & thoughtful discussions on this and many other blogs, YouTube  brings out the most idiotic/ridiculous/inane/perverted/crass comments. I've posted some of the "worst of" comments (mostly unpublished) on my YouTube video of Zari's first nursing. I've excluded ones that were violent, abusive, and/or really crass--and believe me, I get a LOT of them for this video.

So here goes...

From someone who didn't figure out that it was ME who put the video on YouTube. And who can't even be bothered to spell "you" and "your"
why would u put a video of ur wife nursing ur child???
From someone who can't spell or write a complete sentence. I hope our children are as dumb as we are (with 2 PhDs, 2 bachelor's degrees, and 3 master's degrees between the two of us).
Sick! The Dad sounds like a moron with that googol gaga baby talk. No wonder kids turn out to be dumb as rocks because thst what they learn from their parents. Ugh!!! 
From someone who took the time to watch the video:
noone wants to see this crap this isnt what youtube is about
I don't even know what to say about this one:
At least this person tried to sound somewhat polite. Had they bothered to read the video's description, they would have learned that it's normal for a newborn's head to mold as it passes through the birth canal:
why does the baby's head look so strange .. no offence :S
This last conversation cracks me up. "Hypatience" first commented
This is so much better than the way babies are usually dealt with in the hospital. They take it away, manhandle it and leave it alone under a light while all these measurements,etc. are done. It doesn't have to be like that. They can clean the baby up later.
Then "CompuViz" wrote back:
@hypatience are you trying to say its not good practice to hygienically clean the baby first, to avoid any chances of infection with blood and all that baby or mother is covered with?

Not cleaning the baby is highly dangerous and can result in infection, I don't care about the weight and length, but wiping the baby with warm wet towel is very important for both mom/baby. Measurements are important if baby is not in healthy condition.
Yes, a mother and her newborn baby are breeding grounds for all sorts of horrible diseases and infections. But a wiping the baby with a "hygenic" warm wet towel (???) will magically make all of those nasty germs go away!

And don't forget those silly comments assuming I was the victim of domestic violence because I had some blood and vernix on me (from sweet little Zari's newborn body).


  1. This is an absolutely sweet video. Our homebirth was born at night so it looked a little different from your video. All that natural light pouring through the looks like the world's best afternoon. Congratulations on such a glorious experience!

  2. Oh...the ignorance. I just think its funny that people allow themselves to "suffer" through watching these videos. There are many more things to watch if they find this so repulsive.

  3. Do you ever wonder how people find the video in the first place? Are they searching for "breastfeeding" just so they can go through the videos and leave comments like, "No one wants to watch this."

  4. I recently had "Lastwhiteman23" take the time to comment on SEVERAL of my videos telling me I should be ashamed that my children weren't "white". (My husband is half Asian)

    Then he oh so sweetly sent me a poem about a white woman being "impregnated" by a "black man" and be so ashamed of herself.

    If all the hate wasn't so terribly sad, his comments would have been funny.

    I first approve of all comments that go to my videos.

  5. Good grief. I'm not planning to bathe my next baby for at least a week or more... oh the horror!

  6. "@hypatience are you trying to say its not good practice to hygienically clean the baby first, to avoid any chances of infection with blood and all that baby or mother is covered with?"

    Um, they shared a body for the last 9mo or so, I'm thinking they probably have alot of the same germs. It that why we put bandages on cuts, so we don't get our germy blood on us? Good grief!

    Evenspor, I wondered that myself. You see it all over YouTube with natural birth, breastfeeding vids. I don't get it. Guess they have too much time on their hands and need to spread the ignorance around.

  7. That's why I've stopped visiting certain sites and limit what I look up on youtube because the comments are so harsh over the smallest thing that doesn't even affect them in any way.

  8. The ignorance is amazing, especially when it is couched with a tone of authority like Compuviz tries and pull.
    We wre able to get a 'first nursing' picture of my last baby and I am thrilled we got it! Thankfully I've gotten nothing but positive feedback but I don't have nearly the traffic you do and he was 'cleaner' but still clearly very new.
    and there he stayed for about 45 minutes. Good boy. Momma was hemorrhaging and needed his help.

    This one has gotten more, shall we say, reserved reactions.

    He was 38w1d and I still can't get over all the vernix. And this picture was after we had wiped a some off. Most of what you see left I rubbed in.

    The nastiest comments I have ever received on my blog were in response to a picture of my daughter dressed for her dance recital.

  9. People are so weird. What would make them post things like that?

    The best part of the comment about wiping the baby down was this: "Measurements are important if baby is not in healthy condition."

    Umm, actually, that's probably when they're least important. My baby needed to be resuscitated. You can bet that was done before anything else, including wiping her down. After that, she had to go to the NICU for a blood transfusion (she was anemic).

    When I asked what her stats were (after she was in the NICU), the nurses thought I was crazy. They wanted to get her stable before they bothered with something as silly as weighing her or checking her length.

  10. I find the YouTube community to be really hateful and arrogant. I basically disable the comments section on any videos I post because it's not worth it. For every 1 positive post, I get 4 nasty ones.
    For what it's worth, I have never once been even remotely grossed out or disturbed by any of the photos or videos you post, I think your family and births are beautiful! I also think it's great that you put stuff like that out there to help "normalize" birth and breastfeeding.

  11. Millions of people use Youtube and they aren't all going to be warm and fuzzy about homebirth breastfeeding videos with blood, vernix and all. To some it is beautiful, so some it is completely disgusting. The purpose of posting the video wasn't to receive comments, was it? I think it is a great idea to disable comments when posting videos.

  12. I have learned to disable comments when posting videos, sadly. Every time I forget to do it I get some stupid comment right away. The last video I posted on there and forgot I got a comment in 5 minutes that said, "What an ugly baby." Uh, thanks for taking the time to comment...

    I wasn't bold enough to post my birth video on there!

  13. I think xkcd had a great suggestion for this problem:

  14. I think that you are inviting some of these comments and even perhaps ancitipating them by having the video posted on youtube. That isn't the place for privacy. I'm curious to know why you have it there??? Not that it matters--it is obviously your decision. I can see that it would be good education for those who haven't seen anything like it. But because of that fact, you are going to get a lot of criticism and ridiculous ignorance. And of course, you know that.

  15. YouTube commenters are so ridiculous! It ticks me off that there are so many who will take a simple video of Ernie and Bert and turn it into something perverse and twisted. Ugh!!

  16. Nobody's expecting everybody to like it or even approve of it. But I guess it's asking far too much for someone to choose not to watch something that doesn't interest them or flat-out disgusts them. As a previous commenter said, why do they seek these videos out if they are so incensed by the subject matter? Would I watch a video of a band that I think makes terrible music and then comment on how much they suck?

    ....oh wait, it's Youtube we're talking about here. I forgot. Of course I would. >.<

  17. What the heck? I don't understand why the people leaving those comments are watching the video in the first place. Why don't they just skip it?

  18. I am curious to know why you chose to put such a personal and private video on such a public website in the first place? I can understand why this moment is important to you, and I can understand why you wanted to document it. What I can't understand is why you felt it necessary to display it for the whole world to see on a harsh website like youtube. I mean what did you expect? For everyone to jump with joy? Don't you think that it was much expected for people to leave comments like that? I think it kind of went without saying that people would think it was gross and unnecessary. I am not saying this is how I feel about the video, I am just stating that it was obvious that people would judge it in the way that they so obviously did.

    For the record, I know and understand that people can chose not to view it. However, if people were seeking to see this type of video don't you think they could search a little deeper and find websites like this one that provide adequate information and videos on such a matter?

  19. Beautiful video...the commentary from the peanut gallery was highly amusing....i am an NICU nurse hence I find this whole subject fascinating and love these videos... how do the naysayers see your video in the first place? odd ...our babies sadly don't get the opportunity to do this but we have probably 98% go home breastfeeding.So much ignorance on the sterilisation and cleansing of infants!!!!some of our babies don't get" cleaned up" for a while as it would highly compromise their chance of survival...and term newborns need to be with their mothers not whisked away to be cleaned....or measured!!!!

  20. It sickens me that people would make such inane comments about a beautiful moment that your chose to share publicly. I remember feeling about nursing in public and even in front of my own dad, until my dad told me he was proud and wished that my grandma has breastfed him :-)


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