Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thrifted Robeez

Canadian Robeez: $4, Rochester MN
Pink bunny Robeez: $0.75 at a vide-grenier (French version of a garage sale) in Nice
Me: very excited to put them on the new baby!


  1. How cute! My daughter is 7 months and rarely wears shoes, but I'm starting to feel bad about that as she gets more mobile. I have been wanting to do some thrift shopping also to find her shoes and clothes for fall :)

  2. I admit that I've been a fair-weather blog reader (I have them all in google reader - I just have been under the weather [with morning sickness myself] to keep up daily). Is this the big announcement, or was this shared earlier? Either way - very exciting news!!! Congratulations!!!!

    And not just about the great deal on shoes =)

  3. Since school started I have been doing more 'skim reading' in Reader than anything else, and I"m sorry to say that I too missed the big announcement!! Very clever and cute way to do it!!

    Congratulations! I am excited to read another Rixa birth story!!!


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