Monday, December 24, 2012

Pregnancy: Month 5

November was filled with breech-related activities: planning a vaginal breech and ECV workshop for next June, preparing my presentation "Connecting the Dots: The Future of Birth Advocacy," attending the 3rd International Breech Conference in D.C., and writing up summaries of the conference sessions.

In honor of breech babies and breech-friendly providers, I created this quilt block to represent my fifth month of pregnancy. It's the logo of the Coalition for Breech Birth and is simply named "Breech." 

I didn't have any cobalt blue fabric, but this deep purple linen was close enough to evoke the same feel.

I love the design of this logo. It captures the deep love and connection mothers have with their babies and the desire to protect and nurture their little ones, born or unborn. We have to keep this in mind when we talk about breech birth and about what options are "safe" or "acceptable."

~ Soapbox over ~

I hope you're having a wonderful time preparing for Christmas or whatever other holidays you celebrate. Our house smells of lebkuchen (German spice cookies) and caramelized onions (for tonight's French onion soup) and fresh paint (yes, I've been busy repainting before this baby arrives). We have a houseful of family and have more arriving on Wednesday.


  1. Beautiful! I agree that we have to remember how much mothers love and want to protect their babies, and that these feelings drive most, if not all, of their decision making.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Really? It's all about protection? So why do they say, "my husband insists.". "my insurance won't cover.". I don't have time/ money to hire a doula, take a birth class? I think money and following the status quo and not making waves drive a lot more decisions than love and protection. Support is good, respect is good. Enabling not so much.


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