Sunday, December 02, 2012

Pregnancy: Month 1

I've been a looking for a different way to document this pregnancy. I've done weekly belly shots, a belly cast, maternity photos, and henna belly paintings. What else could I do to create a record? I can't say this with 100% certainty yet, but this baby might be our last. I've seen some fun ideas on Pinterest, but many of them are too doctored, too elaborate, or just not me.

I love what Baby Makin' Mama's been doing, but honestly if I tried to do anything resembling a fashion shoot, I would bust out laughing. Plus I'd run out of outfits after about 3 pictures:


Cool idea, but I don't have a professional photographer to follow me around:


I also didn't want to copycat someone else's ideas. So this Amazing Pregnancy Journal had to be free, realistic to accomplish, and meaningful to me--even if it wasn't professionally done or repinned a thousand times on Pinterest.

I've made birth quilts for both Dio and Inga, so I thought I'd continue that tradition and make a month-by-month pregnancy quilt. Each block represents something significant or memorable from that month of pregnancy. It will have nine blocks for the pregnancy plus three for the "fourth trimester" (and to be honest, 12 worked better than 9 to fit crib-size quilt dimensions).

So here's Month One. I call it "Head in the Clouds" because I had no idea I was pregnant at first. Between a likely early miscarriage and then a super light period (that probably wasn't a period after all), it took me a while to even think of taking a pregnancy test.


  1. Love this idea! And I love your first square. Head in the clouds. HA!

  2. Great idea! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. What a wonderful and unique idea!! I love it. I can relate to wanting a unique way to document each pregnancy. I'm still trying to decide what I'll do this time around...

    Can't wait to see more pregnancy updates. = )

  4. I thought you'd like this clever way of doing pregnancy photos:


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