Sunday, March 03, 2013

Inga is 2!

We had a quiet family celebration for Inga's 2nd birthday yesterday. Zari and Dio were begging to give Inga her presents as soon as we woke up. I told them "as soon as you get dressed and brush your teeth." They did both in record time.

My mom gave her a new baby doll and stroller. Total pink explosion--yikes! Inga has a ratty old doll and broken stroller she's been playing with, so these are nice replacements. (I threw the bottle away...does anyone else do this?)

I made Inga a child's play sling.

We made two half-sphere zebra cakes--striped in the inside. I was going to put the halves together and frost it into something fancy, but in the end we just put whipping cream and strawberries on one of the halves. Much easier and just as delicious.

I remember when Zari turned 2, and she seemed so much older. Perhaps it was her full, thick head of hair...or that she has always enunciated her words perfectly (compared to Inga's endearing baby talk that often needs translating to an outsider)...or just that she was my first.

Dio at 2 years old:

I've been feeling really crampy that last two nights. There's got to be something happening to my cervix, because that's right where I'm feeling it. I had two really strong labor-like contractions two nights ago. I admit that this really freaked me out. I am not ready yet! I don't necessarily think the birth is imminent, although there's no way to tell, but it really hit me that this could happen any time. I've had many moments of not feeling quite ready. This did give me extra incentive to finish painting the living room, which we did yesterday. All my birth stuff is ready, except for setting up the birth pool. I'll probably do that before Eric leaves for his conference. I know it's going to happen whether or not I'm ready...but please, baby, give me just a bit more time!


  1. With my first I was all like, "throw the toy bottles out!" As time passed, I gave up. I just explain that some mommies use bottles. When they are older we can talk and I'm sure they'll make the right decision when they know the reasons. For now, they just have fun.

  2. Sure do throw them out! Happy Birthday, Inga!

  3. I let my daughter keep the toy bottles. Now that she has a little bro, we do use a pump on occasion, so she usually asks moms if they have breast of powder milk when she sees babies with bottles :-)

  4. Inga inherited your serious face! :) She's beautiful!


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