Friday, October 31, 2008

2 years old!

Happy Birthday Zari!

We had a lazy morning in bed together. Zari has been sleeping with us the last two nights because she's had a fever and I wanted to keep an eye on her at night. I opened the blinds this morning to take a picture and she groaned, half asleep, "bright."

More pictures to come throughout the day. She's busy playing with her new toys: a baby doll from my mom, a set of wooden stacking blocks from my mom, and a carousel push toy from us. Eric was very reluctant to let her have a doll, but frankly I don't care. It would be just as silly to forbid her to play with "girl" toys as with "boy" toys. Plus I think it will help her when the new baby comes, so she can have her own baby to take care of instead of always wanting me to baby her.


  1. Happy Hallo-birth-day Zari!!! You're such a big girl already!!!
    I'm with you Rixa, dolls are great for all kids, and obviously boys should have them too. I bet Eric would totally love to see his son play with dolls. (Okay, I admit I changed that 'would' from 'will'. I imagine you'll have a boy next. Let me know when you start taking bets!)

  2. Happy Halloween Birthday! I agree with Judit, every kid needs a doll! Jameson has one too, and a stroller, sling, and clothes to go with it. :)

  3. my mom and dad gave me a doll every Christmas in hopes that I would not be such a tomboy- the only one I ever played with was the one that my brothers and I propped up on a fence post and used for a target for our bows and arrows- it got a lot of play time! I don't think my lack of doll playing affected my mothering of my 7 children, but you never know- ask Eric, he might have his own opinion on this- then, I remember Laura's first Christmas, being the 3rd child and 1st girl in our family- I hadn't ever given her a doll (because I guess I am still a tomboy)- but her aunt had made her a raggedy anne doll- when Laura saw it- she hugged on to it for dear life- and kept hugging it and playing with it for a loooooooong time- I didn't teach that to her- it was just in her- so, I guess we are all different in our reaction to dolls- Eric had a monkey made out of a sock that he loved, and Robert had a blue teddy bear named Melissa.....hhmmmmmmmm

  4. Happy birthday!! Two years already - wow. Hope you have a wonderful (warm) day. And I think every kid needs a doll...with a sling! :)

  5. Happy Happy birthday Zari!
    I loved those doll diapers, by the way:-)

  6. Happy happy birthday, little one! I hope you all have a very special day filled with memories and happy times.

    (I was very flipped out about "gender" stuff with baby Greta and now, hey, they should all have all kinds of fun toys.)

    Darling dolly diapers, and yes yes yes if you can get her all "into" her doll then she can have dolly and you can have the new baby, very wise and cool.

  7. Wow! Two years already. Where does the time go? She's beautiful as always. Happy Birthday, Zari!

  8. We were going to call to wish her a happy day. Sorry it didn't happen. Maybe we'll call tomorrow and pretend it's still her bday. Hope she had a fantastic 2nd.


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