Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Corsica day 2: Rainy day in Porto and Bussaglia

Monday, April 27, 2015

Rain was forecast all day, and unfortunately it was accurate. Mostly it was drizzling or sprinkling, with brief downpours and occasional blue sky peeking through.

We went down to old part of Porto right on the sea and explored the little beach next to the hill & fortress. Eric slipped on some big rocks and fell into a pool of stagnant water. The kids thought that was hilarious. Then we walked up to the beginning of the path to the fortress, but decided to do it another day because of the rain. A big thunderstorm caught us, so we stood underneath the umbrellas of a store until it lightened up.

We ran back to the car and stopped to buy groceries on the way home. They cost 50-100% more than in Nice. Yikes. We had lunch and then I tried to get Ivy down for a nap, but there was too much noise from the other kids. So I gave up.

We went swimming at the hotel’s pool across the street. It was a heated pool, but still not very warm. I was hoping to teach Inga how to swim but she was not very interested in learning. Ivy is fearless and might be able to learn as fast as Inga! Hot bath after swimming for 4 very happy but cold children.

Eric was eager to try out the spearfishing, so we went to a nearby beach called Bussaglia. It had small rocks, a bit smaller than the beach at Nice.

Someone’s German Shepherd followed us all the way to the very end of the beach. It was a very friendly dog, always wanting to chase after a stick. Finally its owner came and brought him back.

The kids enjoyed climbing on the rocks, exploring some caves (shallow ones) at the top of the beach, and playing with various treasures and objects.

I took pictures of the kids...

Inga is sometimes a loner, often off in her own world, playing by herself.

She wants to wear this brown polka-dot dress every day. I throw it into the wash to force her to wear something else.

Dio still has his dimple and those gorgeous light blue eyes

Zari's hair is down to her waist now.

Ivy brings us so much joy

Eric caught a big crab but wasn’t sure what it was, so he put it back. He looked it up later in the evening and found it was an araignée de mer and very delicious to eat. He will head back out for more when the sea is calm enough.

The kids would have climbed on the rocks all day

Wisteria is in bloom. I took this pictures as we were getting in the car.

I made a mushroom/white wine/sausage risotto with a tarte au chocolat for dessert. We sang happy birthday to Dio (his birthday was yesterday). He’s super happy with his birthday present from us and my mom: a remote-controlled helicopter.

This is my favorite photo from our day's outing: it captures the grandeur and scale of Corsica--and our wild, independent Inga


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