Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hike to Peillon and Peille

Five years ago, we hiked up to the perched village of Peillon with Zari (3.5) and Dio (1). It's less than 20 kilometers outside of Nice.

A week ago Saturday, we did the same hike and then tacked on a visit to Peille. Peille is a larger village built along a steep mountainside about 10 kms higher up from Peillon. One advantage of having a car!

Here are some now-and-then pictures from Peillon

Little Zari and Dio playing in a water spigot 5 years ago...

...and now all 4 kids playing in the same spigot

Little Zari playing in the fountain...

... and now Inga (4) playing in the fountain

Inga wanted to go in the fountain to fish out coins, but I wouldn't let her
Zari was our photographer, which is why she is in very few of the pictures!

the hike is short but steep
eating dark chocolate on the way up
pointing out landmarks to Dio

Ivy recovering from a tantrum
getting a hug from Eric
village map
Ivy being silly
trying to climb into the fountain...always following Inga's lead!


We arrived during a marriage and got to see the wedding party waiting for the couple to come out of the town hall. I really loved this village. It's picturesque like Peillon, but people actually live here so it doesn't feel completely empty like Peillon does. It looks over a vast valley and mountainside and feels like you're up in the Rocky Mountains, rather than 22 kilometers from the coast. You can see all the way to the sea.

We enjoyed the little tunnels and archways and squares.

We stopped to pet a stray cat

We found a little playground and stayed until it started raining


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