Monday, May 25, 2015

I'm selling my cloth diapers...anyone interested?

Ivy has been in underwear for 2 months and I am ready to sell my largest (size M) cloth diapers.

(When I get home from France, I will sell my NB & S if you're dying to have some of those adorable Canadian diapers, you can still get your hands on some!)


Before I list them on, are there any takers in the Alpes-Maritimes region of France?

Except for one name-brand diapers, these are all handmade Chloe Toes pocket diapers with FOE & snaps. The inside layer is a stay-dry wicking fleece. These will fit babies starting around 4-6 months until they are potty trained.

Disclaimer: I've used these on all four children, so the elastic isn't as tight as it used to be when I first made them 8 years ago. Most of the diapers are in decent-to-good shape, with 2 or 3 showing some wear/rips around the snaps.

The soakers are a combination of hemp fleece, microfiber, cotton, and other absorbent fabrics. Some soakers are commercially made, although I sewed most of them myself. Some fold into 2-3 layers, others are already sewn together into layers. Again, these have been used for 8 years straight so they are starting to show wear. However, they are still functional.

Here are the specifics of the 14 diapers for sale:
  • 1 white Canada diaper with red FOE
  • 3 red Canada diapers with white FOE (well, over 4 kids the white elastic has grayed somewhat...)
  • 3 green w/ white polka dots, white FOE
  • 1 purple w/ white FOE
  • 1 blue/green w/ white FOE
  • 2 carnival print w/ black FOE (one is starting to rip near the snaps)
  • 2 sun/moon print w/ black FOE
  • 1 yellow Fuzzibunz size small
  • 2 small zippered wetbags
Price: ??? 

Make me a reasonable offer and they are yours! I'm also open to bartering/trades.

All but 2 of the diapers come with soakers (1 full and 1 small soaker in each, which I found to be the best combination).

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  1. Do you still have any of those baby slings for fish scales? The ones to weigh babies with? I would love to buy one to give to my midwife as a gift. I have not been able to find them anywhere. I was telling her about them and now she really wants one!


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