Monday, May 11, 2015

From Corsica to Burgundy

We only spent a few minutes in Corsica last Saturday morning (May 2nd) waiting to drive into the ferry. The seas were rough, and even the gigantic ferry boat was rocking back and forth. We took turns sleeping on the floor in one of the lounge rooms and minding the children. Inga and Ivy spent most of the time playing in the ball pit.

We got back to our apartment right around noon. Eric parked the car with the flashers on right in front of our door. We ate lunch and headed back out by about 2 pm.

Next destination...Burgundy! (I love the 2-week long school breaks here!)

A friend/colleague of Eric's has an old stone farmhouse in a village outside of Mâcon, Burgundy. It's been in her family for several decades. She invited us to come stay there when it wasn't being used.

The drive ended up taking a bit longer than the anticipated 5 hours because we had some strange car troubles. We filled up about 2 ½ hours into the drive, and within 10 minutes the gas gauge had dipped down more than a quarter tank. We worried we had a leak, so we stopped at the next gas station and filled up. 3 Euros. Hmmmm. Eric also didn’t see anything dripping.

So maybe it was a problem with the gauge and not a leak? This time we drove a little longer, maybe 20 minutes. Now the gauge had dropped close to ½ tank. We filled up: 5 Euros. Definitely not a leak. So we drove on. It did the same thing, dipping close to ½ tank in the first 30 minutes and then staying there for the rest of the drive.

And we also had one puke incident: Ivy, of course. I had just given her a little fruit juice to drink and the second time she took a drink, she puked everything back out.

We also had a few wrong turns and unplanned detours, including one right at the end near Mâcon. It ended well, though, because we went right by a big Auchan so we were able to pick up groceries. I don’t remember what time it was when we finally got to the house, but it was late. Quick dinner then off to bed.

Here are some pictures of the farmhouse. It's cosy, comfortable, and unpretentious. I loved seeing the mismatched furniture, dishes, and linens--obviously accumulated over years visiting each summer. The main house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, plus there's an adjoining 1-bedroom apartment that can be opened up into the house. After that, there are several unfinished attached outbuildings, plus a barn at the back.

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  1. Oh, my goodness, this has to be so close to where we stayed last summer. We were in Prissé. Here's a link to my first blog post about our trip:


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