Wednesday, March 28, 2007

C-section and UBAC stories

In light of our recent discussions about c-sections and VBACs, I just came across two birth stories on this blog. The woman's first birth was a cesarean section, and her second was a UBAC (unassisted birth after cesarean). An inspiring read.


  1. Wow.
    I really recommend first reading the entry about her older child's birth. Taken together, the two stories are the most inspiring thing I've read in a long time!

  2. Wow, that is some powerful stuff. It gave me chills, and almost made me cry! What an amazing woman!


  3. Wow. What a read! My heart ached for her as she told her story of her son's birth, and soared as I read the story of her daughter's. It is AMAZING what education can do for people. Education, and personal empowerment. I think birth really is the essence of this. So many people go into birth just like she did the first time - completely clueless as to their strength, their own abilities, and their own power. Because they do not understand their own potential, an experience that can be transforming, no matter where it takes place, can be devastating instead. I really wonder how many women out there have serious emotional problems that are directly related to the way they experienced birth. On the other hand, how many women discovered their true selves and their own incredible power by choosing what they wanted, being very educated about their choices, and then watching those choices come to fruition?

    I'm not even saying that birth has to be at home and unassisted in order to feel this way. Birth is amazing, no matter where it is, when it is allowed to progress without interruption, and in the way the mother really wants it to go. However, I think the odds are definitely stacked for you when you choose to take all the variables out of the equation, and bring the participants' list down to family members only. I am hoping to be able to experience this very thing. I'm not even pregnant yet, and already my 4yo son has asked to watch the baby be born. What better education of birth could he get than to watch his mother bring his new baby brother/sister into world in the most peaceful, quiet, calm way imaginable? I can't wait!
    Stories like this make my resolve even deeper. Thank you so much for sharing the link to this.

  4. Hey Kelley, my 4 yo son also really wants to see our baby be born! I'm so pleased that this is the choice he made.

    As passionate as I am about supporting physiological birth and the full range of birth options... I must say, I don't feel fundamentally changed by my (home)birth. Relieved, absolutely. Vindicated, yes. Excited to spread the news, sure. But a new person? Hardly!

    Even for this woman, the changes came before, so that her second, empowered birth was a reward for her inner transformations. The fact that the birth went her way was an affirmation of the path she started traveling way before.

    Gotta love those hormones, they sure make you feel like your birth was magical and mystical, but really it's just simply a part of life: whatever kind of life you're living.

    As I'm getting ready to give birth again in a bit over a month, I feel like giving birth already found its rightful place in my life. It's not front and center, I'm not proving anything to anyone (even myself) but I am comforted by knowing what I can expect.

    I hope more and more women will feel this way. Trusting birth is not something you DO, certainly not something you TRY to do, it's just the way to BE.

  5. I am with Judit in that I was changed prior to the birth of Zoe, not afterward. I feel a miriad of things, but not one of them is profound change because that REALLY needed to occur before I oculd have a baby at home unassisted. I was a totally different person when I had Grace and just kinda nodded along and said yes to what they said I needed to say yes to (Not just all areas of my life) now I am not that way and I returned to the strong woman I always was prior to certain events.

    This Tasha doesn't take birth lying down.....HA!

  6. Yay! I love reading things like this. I had a UBAC recently too, nice to read others' stories.

  7. Love your blog! -Analisa (Megs Mom on MDC)

    My VBAC

  8. Welcome and thanks for reading!


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