Saturday, March 24, 2007

What about this one?

My sister-in-law designed this business card. Oooh, I like it a lot too! Now I can't decide which I like best.


  1. I really like this one! If you go with it, I might lighten up the color just a hair, as it seems a little dark on the far right side. I also have to admit that I really like the "Wanna be a Wallaby" name :) Plus it could be shortened to Wallaby Slings...and you should definitely set up an etsy account! That's my new favorite shopping site...and I love the "favorites" options there, where you can link to other folks' favorites...

  2. Oh duh - your SIL already had Wallaby Slings as an address...I'm quick this morning :)

  3. I like the card, but I have heard of a lot sling companies with some form of wallaby in the title or "joey pouches". I prefer the other name as more original, but very fitting! For a "real" wallaby pouch, check this out!

    sorry the website got cut off

  5. The name "Wanna be a Wallaby" is catchy and creative, but personally I like the 2nd Womb name better because it signifies the comfort and closeness that your baby feels when being held in a sling. And, as Sarah said there are a lot of names with some form of wallaby in the title. I really like the logo your brother-in-law designed for 2nd Womb too- it is SO perfect!

  6. I LOVE this one!!!

  7. I still like the 2nd Womb one better. :)

  8. The wallaby one is very cute and catchy, and if mass marketing and world domination were your goals, I'd say definitely go with that one.

    But . . . if I were picking for myself, I'd choose the Second Womb one, because it seems more meaningful. And the Second Womb logo really is lovely.

  9. Hmmmm... quite a choice you now have. I like the look of the wallaby card, but I think that "2nd Womb" connotes a more warm, loving, gentle environment for our babies than "Wanna Be a Wallaby." Cute name, though. Of course, this is your business, so it is ultimately up to you. :)

  10. "if mass marketing and world domination were your goals"

    I had to laugh at this comment! Watch out world, if I have anything to do with it we'll all wear slings, nurse and sleep with our babies, and have fantastic births. Bwahahahaha... (evil laughter in the background)

    Frankly, I don't want this to keep me too busy...just enough so I can buy more and more beautiful fabrics. Oh, and help pay for my tuition and dissertation costs.

  11. I also like 2nd Womb better. It is more original. I think the person who made this card was doing it just because she likes playing around in photo-editing programs. "cough" "cough" (If you can't tell-I was the one was the one who made it. My other reason for liking the 2nd Womb logo better is because it is not such a mouthful, and as someone else mentioned---it is more original. I do like brown and pink combos, though :).

  12. Well you all know I'm a Wallaby fan, so I'm not impartial... but my initial reaction had been that the 2nd womb was an idea that I'd heard somewhere before... and not wallaby, which happens to also crack me up. Sure, 2nd womb is far more dignified and sounds a lot more romantic and profound (to those so inclined, of course) I agree. Whatever you choose Rixa, I hope your sinister plot to change the world works!!!

  13. I like Wallaby - and the card looks great.

    One suggestion though, I've done a lot of research into readability - one of the things that makes it easiest to comprehend something instantly (which is what you want in a business card or ad) is minimising capital letters - I'd make the wallaby a small w and the custom made slings all lower case. It will be easier to read :-)

  14. That's really cute.

    I have a question for you as a naive childless person... How much time does your daughter spend in the sling vs. say sleeping out of it?

    I ask, because I've always thought having a child at home would be THE preference. I find most women don't agree. I also thought that holding a baby as much as humanly possible is just how it worked, but again I find that is not how most people see it.

    So I want to know from someone who is obviously all about baby slings... what is the happy medium?


  15. How much time does my child spend in the sling?

    The short answer is that it depends!

    When she was a newborn, she was either in our arms or in the sling, pretty much 24/7. Newborns sleep a LOT so putting them in a sling is pretty much the easiest thing to do. Plus when they're just born, you don't want to put them down!

    As she has gotten older and more aware of her surroundings, I find that my sling usage has lessened. She likes to do things like sit on the potty, lie on her back and play with her feet, grab things and put them in her mouth...things you can't do as easily in a sling. If she is content where she is, and I don't need to leave the room, I will leave her be. As soon as she gets fussy, though, or if I need to do something in another room, I'll pick her up and play with her, or put her in the sling while I get my stuff done. She likes being in a sling, but generally wants out after a period of time. Often 15-20 minutes is her limit.

    Even now she will sometimes fall asleep in her sling, which I love! It's so snug having her tucked right beside me.

    I think part of her wanting "out" comes from the way she sits in a ring sling, which is facing my chest. She has to turn her head sideways to see what's going on. Next time I make it to a fabric store, I'm going to purchase a length of cotton gauze and start using it as a wrap, so I can wear her high up on my back. I think she'd really like that.

    Slings are terrific when I'm out running errands: library, post office, grocery stores, etc. I just tuck her in and then I have my hands free. She usually is content to stay in for longer periods of time because she's seeing new things.

  16. Rixa,
    I like that idea of tying a wrap so your baby sits high up on your back. I could certainly have used that wrap when my babies became less impressed with the ring sling. I tried to sit them facing out with their legs in indian style, but I felt like they weren't very comfortable.

    Also, how much fabric do you need to do that, and what kind of fabric is best? What do you look for when choosing sling/wrap/mei tai fabric? This is sounding very interesting, and I think my 4th baby will be worn alot more than my other babies were.

  17. I like the Second Womb name better, but Wannabe a Wallabee sure is cute! I definitely like this second card better though, regardless of name. The color, the layout, the picture...everything is very pleasing to the eye. If I saw a card like this I would definitely check out the website, even if I wasn't interested in buying a sling. :)


  18. Thanks for writing back about the slings. That makes perfect sense to me :)

  19. Kelley,

    Wraps are just a long, narrow piece of fabric, usually between 4-5 yards and around 24-30" wide. You can wear your baby in just about every position imaginable just by tying the wrap different ways. The biggest advantage is that they distribute the weight evenly on your shoulders, back, and hips. For an introduction to wraps and some different carries, visit:


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