Thursday, March 22, 2007

Shameless plug for my slings

I've received so much demand for my slings that I make that I decided to become "official" and make business cards. I'm still working on them, but here's a preliminary design.

My brother-in-law (thanks Rob!) designed the logo. I had a bunch of names floating around and for now have chosen Second Womb for my business name. Close runners up were:
  • I Wanna Be A Wallaby
  • Sassy Slings
  • Baby Hammock
  • Baby on Board
I make ring slings ($35) and pouch slings ($30), by the way. I'm also starting to delve into the world of mei tai type carriers.

Some day I will create a website, but for the moment I've posted the fabrics I have in stock at I suppose I could sell them on Etsy...another thing to do, right?

Anyway, I'd appreciate comments or suggestions for the business card design.

Oh, here's an earlier card I started to work on:


  1. I like the 1st business card show much better than the 2nd. The picture in the 2nd is cute and all but the one in the 1st is much more professional. Good luck!

  2. I love the name you chose!! It's perfect. Have you decided how to arrange payment if we order directly from you? Does the cost include shipping and handling?

  3. I accept Paypal. S&H is $4 (Priority Mail). Anyway, more details later...

  4. I like the first card better, too! (For the same reason...) And the business name/logo is awesome!! Sounds like you're well on your way to a successful home business!!

  5. Rixa, I love the first card and business name most-very nice and very professional. I am also very interested in them. I have a ring sling, but it's not my favorite sling, so I'd be interested in learning more about the pouch sling and mei tai carriers. Great idea! You'll be great at this.

  6. I love the name 2nd Womb. I really like the first card much better. I will be needing (um need might not be the right word) at least another pouch and will be in touch. Zari is getting so big and is so beautiful. Good luck with your sling business.

  7. I agree that the first card is much better...I had Eric take some better pictures (since the other picture is a self-portrait, as you probably can tell!).

  8. Your fabrics (on the 2nd womb site) are gorgeous.
    Can't wait to see the Mei Tai's!

    -who has a personal preference for symmetrical weight distribution

  9. P.S.
    'wanna be a wallaby' is hilarious.
    call me goofy but it's my favorite name LOL

  10. Yeah, I really like the wallaby name. But after my brother-in-law designed the cool logo, I decided to settle with 2nd womb.

    I am trying to figure out how to get better quality pictures. Some of them don't show the embroidery detail very well. I've played around with my camera settings but so far still haven't been able to capture the fabrics to my liking. Oh well...

  11. I like the first card much better! Second Womb has such a nice ring to it, and really exemplifies the benefits of babywearing. I didn't know you made all these slings I see on your blog! They're gorgeous! Makes me miss the slingin' days... :)


  12. I really like 2nd Womb. I will definitely get a sling from you when I have a baby!!


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