Monday, March 19, 2007

Working on the dissertation

It's been quiet on my blog lately. Over the past few weeks I've dealt with:
  • two very nasty plugged ducts (one that lasted more than 48 hours)
  • painful nipples--possible case of thrush? (hoping it isn't)
  • a congested and thus very unhappy baby (who is now well again, thankfully)
  • drop in my milk supply (mostly affecting how much I can pump for the adopting couple)
  • nursing every 2 hours round the clock
I am also trying to push ahead with my dissertation. I am currently writing one of the early chapters, very slowly, since I can only work when Zari naps. I worked on my chapter outline today and think it is coming together quite well. I will also borrow some of the essays from this blog and intersperse them between each of the chapters.

My dissertation goals:
  • finish a draft of all chapters by early fall
  • revise the manuscript during fall semester
  • defend in December
  • become "Dr. Rixa" by Christmas!!!!


  1. You go, girl! It was delightful to talk to you on Saturday night. I am excited to read your dissertation as you get it written. Good luck.

    I am very glad that you and Zari are feeling better.

  2. Hey Rixa- I know this is kind of off the subject but since you have read over 200 books on childbirth and breastfeeding, which breastfeeding books would you reccommend? I see you're super busy so whenever you get a chance to respond. Thanks!

  3. You're awesome Rixa, feel better, keep going!!!

  4. Woo Hoo! :D


  5. From one aspiring Dr. to another...many wishes for endurance, strength, perserverance, patience, and a little luck as you write. Oh yeah, and a whole lot of empathy (You're furter ahead than me).

  6. You poor thing! Your decreased milk production is probably due to stress!! You know, the worst thing for cows is to scare them or stress them out before you milk them because their milk levels go way way down! Well, so you know, we all think you're amazing and at times I wonder if there is anything you DON'T do!!

  7. I have only read one breastfeeding book, and that is Jack Newman's "Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers." I am sure others are good too, but I didn't want to buy more than one. I really like his advice. His videos showing how to get a proper latch (on his website) were tremendously helpful for me as well.


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