Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The best dissertation aid ever...


I haven't started Zari on solids yet (unless you count all the bits of lint and dirt she picks up off the floor). Today, though, I wanted to see what she'd do if I gave her some food. So I pulled out a refrigerator pickle--sliced cucumbers marinated in water, vinegar, sugar, salt & pepper--and she went crazy over it. When it first made contact with her tongue, she pulled a face. But then she kept at it for about 10 minutes! Now the cucumber slice is a soggy mess, but it kept her busy for several minutes while I typed.

I understand why parents carry around little baggies of Cheerios. Can anyone say distraction technique?


  1. Ah, distraction. It truly is a wonderful thing.

    How is the dissertation coming along? I'm dying to read it. Good luck with it.

  2., 9:04 AM

    Pickles!? Wow...what interesting taste Zari has :)

  3. Rosie loves pickles too! They're messy, but one of her favorite foods.

  4. all mine love pickles too!

    <3 t


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