Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dr. John Stevenson

At the upcoming Trust Birth Conference next March, one of the speakers will be Dr. John Stevenson, an Australian family doctor who has attended many home births. He describes his style of practice here: Lessons from a Homebirth Practice. I am very excited to meet him. Carla Hartley, founder and director of the Ancient Arts Midwifery Institute, is currently collecting his wisdom from the births he has attended. I will definitely buy the book once it is out!


  1. i cannot wait to meet him, either (and YOU of course!!!).

    i sent him an email. just a gushy, fan, creepy, stalker email. you know the type.


  2. Wow, Rixa. I followed the link to the Trust Birth Conference, and was impressed at the company you will be keeping there. That sounds like an awesome conference. Maybe I should think about going.

  3. What an impressive article! I learned a few new things from it as well. Why aren't any of these wonder docs here in the U.S.??



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