Sunday, August 19, 2007

The New Normal

Just out: an article about the medicalization of childbirth in Canada. It's called "The New Normal", written by Elizabeth Payne in The Ottawa Citizen.


  1. That article is so sad. It's true: most women don't even know that birth CAN exist beyond the realm of a hospital room. I hear it at work all the time: women rhapsodizing about their C-sections, talking about how their Braxton Hicks were SOOOOO BAAAADDD that they actually went into the hospital for them. It would take too long for me to attempt to set them straight (at least while we're at work), so I just keep my mouth shut. :(


  2., 4:19 PM

    I've been asked many many times how I get my epidural at home...and asked how I know when to push if there's no doctor there...women quite simply have no idea what birth is. They only know about deliveries. :(

  3. '"No one ever complains about C-section rates once their babies are born," he said in a gentle but dismissive tone, "because the babies are healthy and beautiful."'

    I couldn't get past this! My mouth is hanging open and I want to hit my forehead and yell "D'oh!"

    Of course women complain about being cut open for no good reason! The destination is not the journey, and anaesthetists don't generally talk to patients afterwards, so how would he know anyway!!!


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