Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chapter 4 is written!

16,265 words later (not including footnotes), I have finished a draft of my fourth dissertation chapter about "Safety, Risk, & Responsibility." Whew.

Next chapter will be about the interplay between UC and midwifery:
  • how UCers view midwifery
  • how midwives view UC
  • UCers' experiences with midwives
  • the effect of UC ideas on midwifery practice
and more!


  1. Congrats!

    How many chapters are you planning, and how soon does this have to be done? Can I read it at the BBBB?

  2. We should be so honored and fortunate as to get a sneak preview :)
    Rixa, I'm sure it will be a blockbuster in UC circles and (hopefully far) beyond!!! So, have you thought of what you'll do as Dr Rixa, Ph.D.? Teach? Research and write more? Do the natural childbirth activist circuit thing? My idea of the glamorous life!!! So excited for you!

  3. Uh-oh...I'm such a lame friend! Would it still be useful for me to read what's on my desktop...that I forgot all about until reading your post? (bag over head...)

  4. Yes, don't worry about it, I still need comments and critique of that chapter too. I haven't done anything with it since I left you that copy.

    And yes, my BBBB guests will definitely get a sneak preview of the dissertation--at least as much as is written by then!


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