Monday, October 22, 2007

Exercise update

I ran 10 miles on Saturday and 7 miles during the week. I missed one of my 3 mile runs because Zari woke up 7-8 times that night and I was exhausted. It's funny--it's almost harder mentally than physically to run for so long. I mean, it's physically challenging, but it's almost more difficult to concentrate on running for 2 hours. I find that when I don't focus, I start plodding along very slowly and inefficiently.


  1. Hi Rixa,
    I found your blog when I googled "home birth/onesies" and found the cute onesies you made from your husband's t-shirts! So cute! I'm a 27-year-old mom of 5-1/2-month-old Angelina; breastfed, sling/wrap/carried almost all the time, and I also work full-time at home as a medical transcriptionist.

    A few things: First of all, I commend you on running. I used to run but can't now with a high-needs 5-month old (who was born in our bathtub with very minimal doula intervention). How do you manage with the baby? Does your hubby watch her, or do you use a jogging stroller? I sling Angelina, but running is too jarring for that.

    Also, I've been trying EC since she was 4 weeks old, and I just can't seem to "get it." We've tried diaper free, disposable diaper on-and-off, cloth diaper, signaling, timing, and intuition... and I'm still only catching a few pees a day (though we catch ALL the poos, thank goodness! I haven't used a changing table or wipes for weeks). Could you post a detailed blow-by-blow description of just HOW you do EC? Maybe some tips and suggestions that worked for you? What signals does Zari give, or how do you know exactly when she has to go?

    Thanks so much for your blog!! I am such a fan.

    Grace (and Angelina)
    Mechanicsburg, PA

  2. Great job, Rixa. I definitely agree with you that running long distances is more mentally than physically challenging.

  3. Welcome Grace!

    I usually run while my husband watches her, except once a week when he's teaching. I have a great jogging stroller so I can run with her and she loves going on runs or walks. I just prefer running solo especially with the longer distances.

    I mostly do timing for EC and make a "psssss" sound to cue her. She doesn't really signal (except when she's pooping and makes grunting noises involuntarily). So I offer the potty whenever she wakes up from naps, and then about every 1 1/2 hours. She totally knows what the signal means and can respond; the biggest challenge is that somethings now she doesn't *want* to go even though she could. I always use cloth diapers as backup because I'd rather wash one diaper than her clothes, my clothes, the bed, the carpet, etc. EC isn't about being perfect--it's about helping your child be aware of what's going on when they pee or poo and learning how to release those functions voluntarily. So some days we have many wet diapers, especially when she doesn't want to go when I offer and then goes a little later, and some days we have very few or none.


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