Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell backs Obama

One of the most articulate explanations I have ever seen about the two presidential candidates' attributes and approaches:


  1. thats cute. very nice blog.

  2. Well I'm not sure how any of this is cute, but, I was very touched by this. This endorsement means so much to me and Peter, not just because it's good for Obama (although that's certainly a plus in my book) but because for the first time since his appointment as sec. of state in the Bush administration, we saw whom we had always thought of as the real Colin Powell. Insightful, principled, committed, moderate, an honest and decent man through and through. The kind of public figures the nation needs in both parties, regardless of party affiliation. (Since he is retired and won't be seeking public office I doubt that his standing with his own party has much consequence at this point anyway.) It's good to know the Powell we used to know is back!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Rixa. These are all the reasons that I am leaning toward Obama. Certainly, all the reasons most of us are.

    Funny a friend of mine dreamt that she was in a meeting with Obama trying to convince him to become pro-life! That would definately be my dream.

  4. I agree. I was very impressed with Powell's explanation.


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