Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Going to NYC!

We're taking off early Friday morning for a long weekend in New York City. Eric is going to The New Yorker conference. I had enough frequent flyer miles from our nine summers of traveling to France to get a free round-trip domestic ticket. Zari, of course, is coming along. She's been talking a lot about airplanes over the past few days. We're staying with chou and her husband. They used to live near us and recently moved to Brooklyn so she can do a PhD in food studies. I anticipate four days of great food & conversation!


  1. Yay - enjoy your time in my neck of the woods!

  2. Enjoy Brooklyn! I'm envious. I highly recommend a ride on the Staten Island Ferry. It's free, gives great views of the statue of liberty and lower Manhattan and I loved it as a kid.

    Will you be attending church there? My parents attend the Park Slope Ward at 10 am-- the building is at Court and Union streets right off the F train.

  3., 4:50 PM

    Ooh, lucky you! Have a wonderful time.

  4. SO COOL!!! Have a blast!!

    (France and New York being the top 2 places I wanna go see...grrrr)

  5. The New Yorker conference, wow. I hope Eric will enjoy East Coast liberal elitism at its very best!!! :)
    How'bout a quick Metro North ride to our neck of the umm... exurbs?
    Who am I kidding -- Brooklyn rocks. Stay put, and have a blast!!!! If M wasn't really quite sick, I'd go and meet up with you in a heartbeat. Shoot.

  6. Judit, I would if I had any time to spare this trip. How long is the train ride? Too bad M is would be so fun to see you!

  7. Hey, hope you had fun!
    We're at the end of the line, so it's a bit short of two hours. But do let me know next time in advance and I'll def make plans to come in to the city to meet up with you.


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