Saturday, October 11, 2008

Angelina Jolie breastfeeding

Angelina Jolie is featured on the cover of November's W magazine breastfeeding one of her twins. The UK's Daily Mail talks more about her decision to become pregnant with her three children and about the photos in W magazine. The cover photo has become the subject of gossip and controversy around the web. Although most people find the photo beautiful and are glad to see breastfeeding portrayed in such a lovely way, some have got themselves into a tizzy because you know what she's doing with her breasts and we shouldn't have to see that in public. Never mind that you see less in the picture than you would at the public swimming pool or on the cover of a fashion magazine...just the idea that there's a baby sucking on her breast is apparently too scandalous for some people. I love the picture, especially the little hand waving around while she nurses.

Here's the picture in question (from the Daily Mail article):


  1. It is a gorgeous photo! She looks so motherly, not made up. The hand is adorable. What a positive breastfeeding image. I have never seen this magazine before. I hope I am rare.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! She is so pretty ~ even not glammed up for Hollywood!

  3. What a beautiful photo! I love it!

  4. It's a beautiful photo, a piece of history for their family as well as art. It is seriously hard to believe anything about it is even controversial in today's day and age.

  5. i do love the photo. immensely. there's also this one that i found...


    i think it's beautiful too. just so, normal.

  6. I think this is the most beautiful Angelina has ever looked.
    no makeup, no designer gown, hair not done, just a mama and her baby.

  7. Are you kidding me? Does this women think she invented breastfeeding? She'll do anything to get her face on a magazine cover. It was already determined that she bacame pregnant while her partner was still married. Must she rub in everyones face? I have a message for Ms. Voight-Jolie-Pitt. Go back inside your billion dollar French Villa and raise your family. Nobody Cares.

  8. did Demi Moore or Christina Aguilera or Brittney spears think they invented pregnancy when they were photographed naked and pregnant on the cover?

    no... they're just pictures. and this one just happens to be of her breastfeeding, which seemed to be taboo not to long ago when there was another breastfeeding picture.

    frankly, any star does anything to get their picture on the cover. it's face time and money.
    so what?

  9. I thought it was funny that they'd call those the "private" photos of Angelina. Were they ever (intended to be) private?

    It's certainly more than you'd see of my breast when swimming -- or breastfeeding in public, for that matter, though I do agree with breastfeeding anytime, anwhere.

    I wish someone would do a study as to whether photos like this, and the "arty" ads you posted about 6 (?) months ago improve public opinion about breastfeeding or not.

    (Frankly, I'm surprised she has enough bodyfat to nurse.)

  10. Beautiful!
    As always, thanks for keeping us abreast of the latest!


  11. Beautiful, I love it!

  12. A hand! And a lady! SICK! (hahaha)

    Its very cool, Ill take any pro breastfeeding media I can. All that anti NIP stuff last year had me sickened.

    Celebrities arent going away anytime soon, so good on them for "promoting" good things, huh?

  13. Whoa, anonymous. It seems that you do care, why else would you have left this venomous comment. She didn't have to choose a photo that you seem to find controversial; this is still Angelina, and the press is eager to print any image of her whatsoever. I absolutely applaud her choice of this picture. I am pleased to see her turning into an authentic person, and a good role model.

  14. I saw that picture before, and haven't even noticed that she is in fact breastfeeding! The world needs more such beautiful pictures.


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