Saturday, November 21, 2020

French quarantine 2.0, day 1

We made it! 

We got into our apartment at 9 pm last night. 

52.5 hours of traveling
19.5 hours of layovers
13.5 hours of flying
5 airports
4 flights
1 overnight stay
6 backpacks
6 carry-ons
2 large suitcases
1 violin

I actually wrote this post twice already, hit “post”, and then it got munched into oblivion by Facebook. And I’m so tired I can’t exactly remember what I wrote, except there was something about our apartment needing the KonMari method. 

Oh yeah, we already ran into tons of people we know despite being here less than 25 hours. Our kids played with friends for several hours. Thankfully the parks are not closed during lockdown 2.0, and it definitely feels a lot more relaxed than the first lockdown. 

Dinner was paella with extra seafood, pain au chocolat, and yogurt.


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