Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It's time for a short political aside.

So, I was talking with my mom last night about the upcoming elections. She's traditionally voted Republican--she identifies most with Minnesota's Progressive Republican tradition. For this election, though, she is voting differently. She said that she, and many of her women friends who have voted Republican in the past, are supporting Obama. She's very disenchanted with the direction that the Republican party has gone, and with the choice of McCain & Palin in particular.

I've been enjoying Hathor's new comic, Mama Is, and in particular her views on Palin, white privilege, and family values. Lots of heated discussion going on in the comments section there.

But enough of all this serious stuff. I think humor says it better for the most part. You've got to read My Gal from The New Yorker. It is hilarious, especially if you have ever taught freshman composition (misplaced modifiers, run-on sentences, and terrible grammar galore!).

I don't know about you, but I was squirming in my seat when I watched Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric. If you haven't watched it, you really should. Then watch this SNL take on the Palin-Couric interview:

And this SNL classic with Palin and Clinton is also a scream!


  1. Rixa, thank you for the comic relief I got from the New Yorker piece you linked! Good luck with your detour to politics. It's always a risky proposition ;-)

  2. Too funny. And sad, of course, that this what's going on...grrr. For more comic relief go to The Daily Show site and watch Jon Stewart from Thursday night...very fun stuff. M and I don't have TV so we have to come on here time to time to zone out and laugh.;)

  3. Rixa,

    I too have trepidations about airing my thoughts on politics. I am not a politics buff, I actually hate politics 'cause I think most politicians are liars and I always feel like I am voting for the best of two bad choices. In the last presidential election I was so disappointed that I chose to only vote on local issues.

    I don't feel an allegiance to either party, I take sides with different parts of both of their agendas. But this time I am leaning towards the Dems. There are so many issues, like health reform, the environment, & economy, but as a woman of Mexican descent, I just feel like the Dems. are more in touch with social issues.
    I was appalled by the lack of color at the Rep. convention.

    When Sarah Palin gave her line about how with her, parents of children with disabilities will have an advocate in the White House, I immediately thought how with Obama, people of color will have an advocate in the White House and how long over-due that is.

    I think it would send a message to the whole world, not just our country of immigrants, that in America it doesn't matter who you are, you have the ability to not just be a citizen, but lead our country too.

    If there truly are caucasian folks in this country who cant' bring themselves to vote for a black man (as the pundits insist is the case) my thoughts are that people of color in this country have always voted for white folks without batting an eye and they ought to be able to do likewise.

    I was so relieved to learn that Penns. has a governor (he gave a speech during the convention) who is a pro-life Dem.

    Watching the debate between McCain (who my husband and I were leaning toward in the Rep. primary race) and Obama, it came through to me that McCain seems very short fused and Obama much better able to handle contention.

    We think that Obama handled Palin's speech (where she made fun of him left and right) quite well and think it is indeed funny that she is now the one being made fun of and for good reason.

    We believe, that although she won't mean it, (and it should have been her primary concern from the beginning,) she will use her families' needs as reason for bowing out of the race.

    My husband has maintained since the first week of her nomination, that she will be replaced by Romney because of his economics experience.

    If this does happen, we will still be voting Dem. Romney's stance on immigration and his healthcare plan (where families are penalized for not having healthcare coverage) is ridiculous.

    Although I don't think you were wanting to go into a heavy political discussion, I appreciate the prompt which has helped me air my thoughts.

  4. Susana,
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Since I'm married to a Canadian, it's especially interesting because we are so limited here by our two-party system. It's quite different in Canada, which has many major (and even more minor) parties that are constantly shifting, forming alliances with other parties, etc. I do agree that only having two choices isn't the best way to go. It works when you're a parent of small children (do you want peas or beans tonight?) but not so well with really complex social issues.

    Frankly, I am very concerned that McCain will go nuclear if he is elected. I want a president who can engage in serious diplomacy and talks, not someone who's going to take a hard line on everyone he doesn't agree with. I mean, if he's not even willing to *meet* with some foreign leaders without them agreeing to "preconditions", how can you hope to do anything but foster aggression and hostility?

  5. Well Im not holding back:

    I think Palin is a complete FREAK and I love Obama so much if he gets elected I am gonna run out in the streets! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, we missed SNL last weekend so thank you so much I always forget about youtube for missed TV stuff


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