Friday, May 11, 2007

Another UC article

"Going It Alone," from The Guardian, a UK publication.

Regarding the study the author referenced, it was about a certain religious sect that rejected any medical care for childbirth. Here is the citation to the original study:
Kaunitz AM, Spence C, Danielson TS, Rochat RW, Grimes DA. “Perinatal and maternal mortality in a religious group avoiding obstetric care.” Am J Obstet Gynecol. 1984 Dec 1;150(7):826-31.
A summer 2003 issue of Midwifery Today had some responses to that study, including these comments:
Midwives who have been working in the freebirth community for these last 25 years have a different story....Many families choosing unassisted birth are highly educated and responsible; their births are a far cry from those that are unattended for reasons of poverty, distrust in medical attendants or ignorance.
~ midwife Jeannine Parvati Baker

There has never been a study done that consisted of data from planned, unassisted births of healthy women who wanted their babies, were in emotionally and physically supportive environments, were somatically aware and comfortable with their bodies, had full access to health care as they needed it and who made the choice freely and gladly. We really don't know (statistically speaking) what happens when the human body is allowed to give birth instinctively and undisturbed under such conditions.
Linda Hessel


  1. Sidenote re: UC study. We went to City Hall yesterday to register our birth. It was quite easy, despite the fact that the midwife who was present cannot sign off as attendant because this state does not recognize DEMs either. Somehow her proof of pregnancy and newborn exam forms were nevertheless acceptable, and my husband signed as attendant. Okay. When I thanked the nice (and nonjudgemental) lady for being so helpful, she said it's easy as long as there is a midwife involved, but people who don't "use" them run into problems with the paperwork, unless they plan ahead for it before the birth. My ears perked up. She sounded like she was pefectly aware that this choice is sometimes made deliberately. There are UCers around here! SHE can tell a planned UC from an accidental one, even if it doesn't show on the record. This woman was the 'homebirth registration expert' at her office. Do you talk to people like her, Rixa?

  2. Judit, when did you have your baby? Congratulations! I must have missed something. I am so happy for you. Have a delightful Mother's Day and babymoon. What fun to have both together. :)

  3. Judit,
    I think I am going to call vital stat offices and get a feel for how often they have UCs. Good idea. is also expecting any day now. Any other pregnant readers?


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