Thursday, May 10, 2007

Someone's got a bee in his bonnet

Just when you thought breastfeeding in public was finally becoming a non-issue, we get articles like this one:

Making Milk Public Controversy.

Sheesh. Take a chill pill.


  1., 9:00 PM

    "And next time you go shopping with your infant in your arms, try bringing along a baby bottle."

    Need I even write how I feel about this ending to the already atrocious article?!?!?! OMG - who is this man, and why on earth should women have to carry along bottles or go to the "ladies room" as he earlier suggested????? Ugh. We are so backwards in this country...

  2. Sure thing there buddy. Women don't actually want to just feed their child, they are actually looking to stir up trouble. To make a point. Goddess forbid if a woman should choose to feed her child someplace where people don't shit!

    This moron makes my blood boil!!


  3. I've sent him a few emails already (under different addresses) after seeing this on Hathor. I tried the sarcastic approach, he called me out. I just tried the "oh this was a satire piece, right?" approach, we'll see how that works out. Next on the list is the serious, "holy shit, how are people as stupid as you capable of walking upright?" approach. This is fun!

    I even have his phone number, which he kindly provided at the end of his response to my first email, but I can't call him since I no longer have free long distance. Anyone who reads this blog is welcome to email me and request his number at, if you'd like to personally give him a piece of your mind. ;)


  4. When will breastfeeding in the U.S. ever be considered NORMAL? Not a heroic act or a statement (which I don't think she was trying to make). Just NORMAL, the way babies are supposed to eat. Why do we need to read editorial about it in the newspaper every time someone breastfeeds in public? I think the only way for it to become normal is for everyone who can, nurse in public!

  5. Jill, keep us updated on his responses (and feel free to post them here in the comments).

    I'm doing my best to nurse in public. Not that I'm going out of my way to make a statement for shock value--I just nurse my daughter when she is hungry wherever I am. Nothing more nothing less.

    I would be thrilled to participate in a local nurse-in if the need ever arises!

  6. i have dropped to the floor and nursed, because there was no where to sit. mostly, people like him need to look elsewhere and move on. doesn't he have anything better to do, or does he go out in public simply to catch a glimpse?

    grumble. tabitha (not karl)

  7. A lot of men in the US are trained to think that breasts are only for their enjoyment and pleasure sexually thus are offended by women using them for what they are meant for- feeding their babies.

  8. I think he somewhat has point... There are somethings that make us feel uncomortable and embarassed, and we can't really control those feelings with reason. This man feels his feelings are not respected, because the current notion sacralises the baby's needs. And somewomen feel like his feelings will change if they breastfeed in a place where EVRYONE will HAVE to see them. No wonder the guy feels surrounded by people who want to pressure him.

    His attitude is way to agresive, and he doesn't consider the arguments of the other side... But I understand where all this came from.


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