Thursday, May 17, 2007

Judit's Birth Story

One of my friends Judit, a regular commenter here, recently had her baby! Read all about it here: Life with Magda.

(Her story has lots of nude laboring pictures, so it isn't work appropriate, obviously!).

Judit had considered UC, but felt more drawn to hiring a midwife as her pregnancy progressed. She made her desires for an autonomous, undisturbed birth very clear, and the midwife respected that. I think you'll find her story quite inspiring!

Some of my favorite parts:
  • her experience getting the baby to turn vertex
  • her descriptions of pain and laboring alone at night
  • how she KNEW she had to get her baby out quickly at the end
  • how baby Magda managed to come on the day of her husband's comprehensive exams: good timing, right??
Anyway enough of my own commentary. Now go read the birth story!

1 comment:

  1. Oh, wow! That was an absolutely beautiful story. I am so glad to have finally heard her story. I've been curious about it since I heard she had her baby. The detail of her feelings and impressions and how she dealt with the pain was wonderful. Yeah for Judit!


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