Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Please participate

I am closing my research surveys for my dissertation at the end of May. Please participate if you have not already filled one or more out!

The surveys cover a variety of topics: home birth, unassisted birth, what kinds of birth-related literature you read, how you define intuition, etc.

Click here to visit my dissertation project and surveys.

I am also looking for UCers to interview over the phone, including those of you currently planning an unassisted birth. Email me at @ if you are interested, and we can talk about confidentiality, informed consent procedures, etc.


  1. Rixa, you talked to me at length last year sometime - but I never sent you my consent form. I have no idea what happened to it. Would you like to send me another, or can I take a survey and give consent there?

  2. i would participate. the best way for me, if you are interested, is over the phone. so i will send you an email.


  3. Phoebe, I will send you another consent form right away.

    Tabitha, I'd love to talk!!

  4., 11:53 AM

    I did a bunch of surveys last summer...but do contact me if/when you want to talk more :)


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