Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cooking up a storm

I am hosting an etiquette dinner tomorrow night for the teenagers in our church. We do this once a year to teach them proper table manners (and to eat a fantastic meal!). I hosted it last year as well. I love doing it because I get to plan the menus. I do a good part of the cooking, but have to farm some of the dishes out to the teenagers and their families.

Can you tell I like French food? Most of these recipes are from various French cookbooks.

This year’s menu:

French onion soup
Leek & goat cheese quiche
Creamy herbed pork chops
Saffron rice
Steamed broccoli
Cream puffs filled with whipped cream in a bed of crème anglaise,
drizzled with dark chocolate sauce

Last year's menu:

Country Tomato Bisque
Chicken in Chive Cream Sauce
Steamed miniature golden potatoes
Crème Brulée


  1. How about you post the recipes...I'm drooling...please!

  2. Do I still count as a teenager?? I wanna come! Especially for the profiteroles...mmmmmm.


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